first_imgOriel have threatened to restrict the College library opening hours in response to the surge of vandalism incidents that have taken place this week.The damage includes several broken chairs and a “flagrant disregard for library regulations”. Charles B. Watson of the Oriel Classics Departmemt wrote a letter to all JCR members, condemning the vandalism and the consumption of food and drink in the library, which is strictly forbidden under library regulations. He has Urged anyone with information about the broken chairs to come forward. He warned that, “If those responsible for the broken furniture do not come forward or if library regulations continue to be ignored, the Governing Body will take drastic action at its next meeting, Wednesday of 4th Week. The current proposal is to close the library from 10pm-7am.”James Pickering, a third year, PPEist, said, “I think its fair for the College to act in this way. People have been taking trashy food into the library and stinking out the place. “It just seems absurd for people to transgress the rules in this way and as far as I’m concerned there is no need for it. Of course it is a massive hindrance. I do know people who work in the late hours of the evening and will find it very difficult if the library is closed over night. But I can’t see any other way of getting people to stick to the rules, which I think are completely reasonable”Nick Gallagher, a third year Classics and English student, said “Oriel’s library is open for 24 hours a day, this is obviously a tremendous resource. “I would certainly find it an inconvenience if the library was closed overnight and my work would suffer as a result.”last_img read more