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Beer Blog: Happy International IPA Day

first_imgI’ll never understand people who bitch about made up “Hallmark” holidays. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Secretary’s Day…what’s wrong with creating a completely fictional reason to celebrate? Are you really going to complain about getting to eat cake at work on a Wednesday (thanks Secretary Day!) or maybe getting to see your significant other naked (you’re awesome Valentine’s Day!). No, do not complain about made up holidays. Made up holidays are awesome.Especially International IPA Day. August 7th, 2014. Put it on your calendar. Yes, it’s complete bullsh#! with no real historical or religious significance, but so freaking what. It’s a Thursday, and it gives you a reason to hit the brewpub after (or during) work and order a really hoppy beer. Celebrate, you ungrateful son of a mother’s uncle.In honor of IPA Day, I’ve selected three of my favorite IPAs from Southern breweries, to ramble about. I’d argue that these are some of the best hop bombs below the Mason Dixon. Enjoy. And celebrate fake holidays for no good reason other than just because.The CorruptionDC BrauWashington, D.C.This one borders on “Imperial” IPA status with 80 IBUs. It’s got that dank bitterness you expect from a West Coast IPA. But it’s brewed over here, so we got that going for us.WayfarerGreen Man BrewingAsheville, N.C.It’s hard to pick my favorite home town IPA, and honestly, if you ask me in a week, I might say something different. But right now, I’m digging Green Man’s Wayfarer, which they’re billing as a “summer IPA” because it won’t knock you on your ass after just two beers. It’s just 5.5%, but has all the not-so-subtle charm you want out of an IPA.HopsecutionerTerrapin Beer CompanyAthens, Ga.Don’t let the name fool you—this is a sweetheart of a beer…if you love hops. There’s some malty notes in the bottle, but you’re gonna get big swigs of pine and a wee bit of citrus from the six different hops that Terrapin brings to this party. It’s kind of like drinking a dank forest. If you can imagine that.Long live IPA Day!last_img read more

CDB approves loan of US4.1 million for Dominica

first_img Share Sharing is caring! Tweet 10 Views   no discussions Sharecenter_img Share LocalNews CDB approves loan of US4.1 million for Dominica by: – March 8, 2012 The Caribbean Development Bank has approved a loan of US $4.1 million for Dominica, geared at reducing risks associated with landslides and flood hazards in the Roseau Valley.Preisdent of the Central Development Bank, Warren Smith.President of the Bank, Warren Smith, told the official signing of the loan on Thursday that this is to be achieved through the Rehabilitation and reconstruction of critical infrastructure in accordance to specified international standards.He said the proposed works will reduce the vulnerability of the project sites and communities through feature adverts weather related events.“The CDB takes very seriously, its role in assisting Dominica. The project which was approved by our board of directors is a good example of the type of assistance that we have been providing to our borrowing members over the years. As the region positions itself to be better able to deal with the consequences of climate change, you will be seeing the type of assistance that we have provided to government on this project, featuring much more heavily in our relationship.”The project he says consists of restored and upgraded infrastructure works comprising of slope stabilization and rehabilitation of 200 meters of road at the interception of St. Aroment and Bath Estate. Slope stabilization and rehabilitation works will also be undertaken on the Laudat road network.Acting prime minister Ambrose George noted that the signing ceremony indicates the rapid response the CBD has given to the needs of Dominica.“Dominica is prone to landslides, whenever these occurrences take place, the longer that we wait is the more expensive that it becomes because it continues to deteriorate,” he said.George also gave government’s commitment to implement the project to the best of its ability.The loan was approved by the Board of Directors of the CDB on Wednesday.Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more