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Sex-specific foraging strategies throughout the breeding season in a tropical, sexually monomorphic small petrel

first_imgTwo hypotheses have been proposed to explain sex-related differences in foraging in sexually monomorphic seabirds. The ‘intersexual competition’ hypothesis suggests that parents are in competition and that the dominated sex must adapt its behaviour to avoid competing with the dominant one. The ‘energetic constraint’ hypothesis suggests that differential energetic requirements lead to different foraging behaviour. We examined sexual differences in foraging behaviour of a sexually monomorphic tropical seabird, the Barau’s petrel, Pterodroma baraui, throughout the breeding period. We found sexual differences in foraging habitats and activities, but these were not consistent throughout the breeding period. During the prelaying exodus, males foraged further from the colony, in waters with greater surface chlorophyll concentration, and were more active than females. Males systematically took the first incubation shift, which was always longer than the others. However, no sex-related differences in foraging behaviour were observed during the chick-rearing period, both sexes sharing parental duties equally. We suggest that the sexual differences observed early in the breeding period are due to the specific needs of males and females. Females need to restore their body condition as quickly as possible after laying, which forces males to take the first long incubation shift at the nest. This may explain why males forage more actively during the prelaying exodus, to prepare for this long fasting period. Our results support for the first time the ‘energy constraint’ hypothesis to explain sexual differences in behaviour of a small, monomorphic procellariiform seabird.last_img read more

Morgan slams Walker’s ‘disgusting hypocrisy’ for hosting sex party

first_img Promoted ContentBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever MadeBest Car Manufacturers In The WorldCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way10 Disney Characters Who Would Make Great Role ModelsAmazing Bridal Looks From Around The WorldBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For Them14 Hilarious Comics Made By Women You Need To Follow Right NowPortuguese Street Artist Creates Hyper-Realistic 3D Graffiti14 Hilarious Comics Made By Women You Need To Follow Right Now10 Risky Jobs Some Women DoWhat Happens To Your Brain When You Play Too Much Video Games?10 Stargazing Locations To ‘Connect With Nature’ “For them to do what they’re doing, having done videos lecturing to the rest of us on what to do, is utterly shameful. “Other players have to get a grip of maybe some of the younger, more wayward ones and say, ‘this matters’. “You are tarnishing this sport in a potentially irrevocable way. People will have long memories after this. They’re not going to put up with it, about any of this kind of behaviour. “It’s disgusting.” But, much like Morgan, that apology did not wash with former Spurs star Jamie O’Hara. He branded Grealish “completely idiotic” and claimed he only apologised because he got caught. Walker issued a grovelling apology, accepting his behaviour was in “direct contrast” to his pandemic message. A statement read: “I want to take this opportunity to issue a public apology for the choices I made last week. read also:Man City to discipline Walker after hosting ‘sex party’ during lockdown “I understand that my ­position as a professional footballer brings the responsibility of being a role model. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Pier Morgan has blasted Kyle Walker and his “disgusting hypocrisy” for hosting a sex party before urging fans to stay at home. Loading… The UK Sun on Sunday reported how the Manchester City star had two escorts at his £8,000-a-month rented apartment the day before he told supporters to follow advice to stay home to help the NHS. Walker, 29, has since apologised but now faces a potentially huge fine from club bosses for ignoring health and social distancing guidelines. The England ace – who was also seen out and about with Wayne Rooney during the lockdown – has been slammed by Good Morning Britain host Morgan for his actions. He delivered a four-and-a-half-minute tirade against Walker and Aston Villa star Jack Grealish – who crashed his £80,000 car just hours after also telling fans to stay home. Morgan said: “Kyle Walker, multi-millionaire, Manchester City football player. Another one, who rather like Jack Grealish, had given one of those rousing messages to the country telling us to stay in, obey the rules, don’t do anything stupid. “Literally within a day, he’d hired two escorts to come to his home for him and his friend. “You think, ‘what could be more reckless than that?’ “Once again, a privileged, rich football player – and I’m not generalising them – but these two were telling us all how to behave and then doing the complete opposite. “It’s disgusting hypocrisy. It’s unbelievably selfish and reckless. When the players behave like that they bring a stain on the whole industry.last_img read more

Galway players insist action against Cunningham the right move

first_imgThat’s the view of Aidan Harte, who was speaking in the wake of the Tribesmen’s victory over Dublin in the Fenway Hurling Classic in Boston.Harte says their actions, which forced Cunningham’s resignation, doesn’t add any extra pressure on them to perform next year. Last week former Tipperary manager Eamon O’Shea firmly ruled out any link with the Galway hurling set up.last_img