first_imgThe Huskies need to pass the puck more.  I mean, two different times in Sexsmith, they were scored on after Robbie Sidhu had his pocket picked trying to stickhandle his way out of the zone. And I don’t mean to pick on Sidhu, because pretty much all of them have done it at some point. It’s an easy problem to point at, but a hard one to quantify, and harder still to fix.  Now, those aren’t problems that can be solved overnight. But, I do have one simple suggestion. “We’re not working as a team” Kyle Porter lamented after the loss in Sexsmith last weekend. Playing as a team doesn’t just mean sacrificing your body in your own end. It also means involving everyone on the ice. A good breakout, strong attacking game, effective special teams – these things all take more than one good player.   We all know the Huskies have it in them. The question is when they’re going to show us.center_img JZ- Advertisement – But, they bailouts haven’t been happening lately, and suddenly we’re seeing evidence of deeper problems within the team. But it’s not just goals in the back of your own net. We’ve talked about it before – this team has a ton of speed. But, every time someone tries to stickhandle out of the zone, every time someone makes a move in the neutral zone instead of a simple outlet pass, that speed gets wasted.  But I think it’s right on the money. Earlier in the season, and on their past six-game winning streak, the Huskies were powering past teams because they had individuals who could change games by themselves. Trailing late in a game, you just knew there were enough skilled guys on the bench that one of them would bail them out, and that’s how it often went down.last_img read more