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Savory Scents.

first_img We can look at fresh produce and just taste how good it is by the fragrance it gives off. It’s basic biology that through taste receptors, a person can taste four flavors:sweet, sour, salty and bitter. However, the average person can distinguish up to 10,000smells. We’re not quite as good as the bloodhound, which can detect more than 400,000smells. But we do all right.Just out of my office last spring was a bank of native azaleas — yellows and oranges,pinks and whites. Every time I went out I just had to go by and enjoy the fragrance. Justdown the way are several giant magnolias. Since I was a kid, magnolias have drawn me. Ijust can’t pass them up without getting my nose yellowed.In horticulture, we try to enhance the quality of life by giving people fruits, flowersand vegetables for consumption and beauty. Fragrance is often a part of that pleasure.Horticultural fragrance enters the picture in many ways. Fragrance’s interaction withtaste is one of the most delightful. Smell How Good It Will TasteWe look at a fresh, ripe peach and can just taste how good it is by the fragrance itgives off. We brush by a rosemary bush, and it reminds our taste buds of savory lamb orpork, just out of the pan and juicy. I ask kids if they like basil, if they like thesmell, if they’d eat it. Usually the answer is no. But their response changes when I tellthem they often eat it on pizza.We say the first tomato of the season tastes great, though many people put on salt orother seasonings, which become the dominant taste.Exploding FragranceAs we taste that first tomato, we’re tasting the sweetness of the sugars (yes, it doeshave sugars) and the sour part from the acidity. But most of what we “taste” isthe fragrance that explodes inside the mouth when we bite into the fruit. Taste andfragrance or smell combine to give us the entire experience of eating that first greattomato.Now, if you add basil leaves under that tomato with mozzarella cheese on top and placeit all on wonderful Italian bread that has been rubbed with olive oil and garlic and thentoasted — that gives you all the taste and fragrances you can stand or will need for awhile.center_img Photo: Peggy Greb, USDA-ARSlast_img read more

SHOCKING:Marseille forced to take Andre Ayew out of match when they ran out of clean shirts

first_imgMarseille reopened the Stade Velodrome after stunning renovations (the pictures here are worth drooling over) by hosting Montpellier.UEFA president Michel Platini was in the house for the occasion, but the match was one that the home side will hope to forget. Losing 2-0 to Montpellier was bad enough, and Andre Ayew’s laundry issues made it that much worse.The Ghanaian World Cup star suffered a head wound during the first half, requiring him to changed his shirt and have his head wrapped so he could continue. During the second half, the wound reopened and he again had to change his blood stained shirt.But there was a problem: Marseille only had two No. 10 shirts for him and he had already bled all over both of them. The club’s kitman pulled out a No. 33 shirt, but since Ayew began the match wearing the No. 10, he had to finish with the same number. So, they attempted the futile task of trying to turn a 33 into a 10. It didn’t work, so Marseille had to substitute Ayew in the 52nd minute, enraging always enraged new manager Marcelo Bielsa.None too pleased himself, Ayew took his seat on the bench wearing just his bib with no shirt under it.   .On the bright side, maybe Ayew was so frustrated by this bizarre turn of events that he was able to forget how much his head hurt for a little while.last_img read more