first_imgJim Henson (whose 75th birthday Google celebrated with a Doodle last year) is most well known for creating The Muppets and advanced puppets for TV shows Fraggle Rock and Dinosaurs, as well as movies The Dark Crystal, and Labyrinth. But in 1963 he made a very different short film involving a robot for The Bell System.AT&T has recently discovered the film in its archives and decided to share it with the world via its website and YouTube. You can watch it below.Entitled simply Robot, after finding it the film was confirmed as being a Henson production by Karen Falk of the Henson Archives. It was originally commissioned for a seminar held in Chicago aimed at business owners when Bell was trying to promote data communications for the first time. The seminar ended up being called the Bell Business Communications Seminar and consisted of several short films interspersed with presentations.The whole event was organized by Inpro, with Ted Mills of Inpro briefing Henson on what they needed. The film is meant to depict the robot thinking he can run a business better than humans, and the tension between both. Ultimately, they both need each other as the short clearly demonstrates.If you consider this film was made nearly 50 years ago, I think Henson managed to pull it off very well. No one had a better mastery of puppets, and clearly his robot skills were great too.Such a discovery makes you wonder if there any other Henson gems hiding away in archives elsewhere. More at AT&Tlast_img read more