first_imgHanging out. Whatever works. (Jane Naliboff)Taking a walk on the wild side, a Baltimore oriole in Chesterville. (Jane Naliboff)A Baltimore oriole checks out the offerings in the snack bar. (Jane Naliboff)She’s the one. The chipmunk mating game has begun. (Jane Naliboff)A sniff-kiss seals the deal. (Jane Naliboff)Follow me. Then you’ll gather the nesting materials and help with the kids. (Jane Naliboff)The little couple found some privacy in a stone wall. (Jane Naliboff)Little Chip gathers nesting materials per order of his new mate for the future offspring. (Jane Naliboff)Red winged blackbird passing through. (Jane Naliboff)A regular in the snack bar, Mrs. Rose Breasted Grosbeak. (Jane Naliboff)They’re back, a female ruby throated hummingbird. (Jane Naliboff)A male ruby throated hummingbird came for some nourishment, too, while waiting for flowers to bloom. (Jane Naliboff)The goose family took their well behaved goslings on a sunny outing in Readfield. Last week snow, this week some sun. (Jane Naliboff)Common Grackle. (Karen Dalot)Red winged blackbird. (Karen Dalot)Red winged blackbird on a cattail. (Karen Dalot)Please look away so I can raid your bird feeder again. (Karen Dalot)Looks like batman has arrived. (Karen Dalot)Last snowstorm of the year. (Karen Dalot)Sharing the feeder. (Karen Dalot)Can you find the chickadee in the bush? (Jane Knox)These red babies are sizzling in the warm spring almost summer sun. (Jane Knox)Spring creeping over into summer with traditional flowering bushes and shrubs. (Jane Knox)Sunday morning coming up! Wilton. (Jim Knox)A male Baltimore Oriole, Wilton. (Jim Knox)A female Baltimore Oriole, Wilton. (Jim Knox)An Indigo Bunting. In Wilton. (Jim Knox)On a side note? If you have a black-throated Blue Warbler around, try a little grape jelly! They love it. (Jim Knox)A black-throated Blue Warbler. (Jim Knox)A female Pine Warbler on the run for items for a nest. (Jim Knox)Can you hear the cry of the Loon? (Dennis York)A red Trillium or a Stinking Benjamin. (Dennis York)A drake Mallard. (Dennis York)A Robin’s nest. (Dennis York)A Baltimore Oriole and Maple buds. (Dennis York)Red squirrel snacking on a cone, close-up, Whistle Stop Trail. (Steve Muise)Red squirrel snacking on a cone, Whistle Stop Trail. (Steve Muise)Black and White Warbler, Whistle Stop Trail. (Steve Muise)Hermit Thrush, near the eastern end of the old trussle on the Sandy River. (Steve Muise)Chipping Sparrow. (Steve Muise)Bumblebee on Azalea. (Steve Muise)Cape May Warbler, Whistle Stop Trail. (Steve Muise)Gray Catbird, Whistle Stop Trail. (Steve Muise)Female Cardinal with nesting material, Whistle Stop Trail. (Steve Muise)Female Cardinal with nesting material, Whistle Stop Trail. (Steve Muise)Yellow-rumped warbler, showing all of its Yellow, Whistle Stop Trail. (Steve Muise)Rose-breasted grosbeak. (C. Tappan)last_img read more