first_imgThe B&H tennis player Damir Džumhur had a difficult time dealing with his defeat in the second match of the first round of the second zone-Euro-African group. He lost to Markos Kalovelonis with 1:3 in sets.Džumhur could not hide his tears after a huge struggle in four sets and a defeat.‘’It is hard for me because of the defeat and I am sorry that I was not able to bring a new point for our team. Markos played unbelievably, and I am surprised with my game. No one could have expected that. It would be better if I had won, so that we could have 2:0 after the first day. I contragulate the Greeks on their win, and I thank the fans for their support. I am sorry that I did not win’’, said Džumhur after the match.In the first match, Mirza Bašić beat Alexandros Jakupović with 3:1 (6:3, 6:2, 6:2) in sets.Today at 14:00, Mirza Bašić and Tomislav Brkić will play against Alexandros Jakupović and Markos Kalovelonis.Two matches will take place tomorrow. At 13:00, Damir Džumhur will play against Alexandros Jakupović, and after that Mirza Bašić and Markos Kalovelonis.(Source: read more