first_imgOver the past couple of weeks speculation has been growing that Nintendo is about to announce a successor to the Wii console. It all started when a price drop for the Wii to $149.99 was predicted in May, a few weeks before E3 starts. Then a number of respected retailers actually dropped the Wii from $199.99 to $169.99. At the same time, rumors of a Wii 2 appeared with the new machine expected to outperform a PS3 while including a Blu-ray drive.It seems the rumors were all too much for Nintendo not to respond, and they have now confirmed the successor to the Wii will be unveiled at E3. We also have it confirmed that the new machine will launch in 2012. It’s thought that launch will be after April next year as Nintendo did not list the machine in its financials for this year, which ends in April 2012.Other than confirming the existence of this new machine, which may not even carry the Wii name for all we know, Nintendo hasn’t given any more details of what to expect. But E3 begins on June 7, meaning we only have six weeks to wait before we find out for sure.Read more at KotakuMatthew’s OpinionIf Nintendo is announcing a new console at E3 then I think they need to drop the price of the Wii well below $149.99. As soon as the new console is announced gamers will be waiting for it, not buying a Wii. So will Nintendo go further, drop it to $129.99 or even $99? It depends on how much of a profit margin remains on the machine, and how many units there are sitting in storage around the world.As for the Wii 2, I really hope Nintendo has gone back to producing a powerful machine that is for hardcore gamers as much as the family, and doesn’t rely completely on motion controllers. It also helps that Sony and Microsoft aren’t expected to bring out new machines for a couple of years. Nintendo could have the most powerful console on the market for years come 2012.last_img read more