first_img Watch: Marvel and Square Enix’s ‘Avengers’ Gameplay Still Creeps Us OutPlay These E3 2019 Video Games Right Now Stay on target E3 is full of huge new video games all jockeying for attention. But of course a brand new Star Wars game will make everyone stand up and take notice, which is funny because Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is all about you playing as a Jedi Padawan trying not to get noticed. After its first reveal at Star Wars Celebration a few weeks ago, E3 2019 gave us our first extended gameplay demonstration of the single-player Star Wars action adventure coming this November.While the player character Cal Kestis isn’t doing much for us (he seems about as about generic as that Starkiller dude from The Force Unleashed) some of the other faces in this demo did excite us. They put Debra Wilson in this game playing a Jedi master. You’re being hunted down by one of Darth Vader’s Sith Inquisitors apprentices The Second Sister. And Forest Whitaker returns as rebel extremist Saw Gerrera, who famously made the jump from The Clone Wars cartoon to the movie Rogue One.The time period between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope is still one of the most fertile when it comes to Star Wars storytelling possibilities. Just what was everyone doing while the Empire established its domination? Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will tell more of that story. And here are some other character cameos we hope to see.Ahsoka TanoAnakin Skywalker’s secret apprentice Ahsoka Tano is arguably the most important character to originally come from the cartoons. And Star Wars Rebels already showed us she was plenty busy during this time period separate from the rest of the Jedi. Speaking of Rebels, we’d love for Ezra and that whole crew to pop up, too.Darth MaulAs cool as he was in The Phantom Menace, I think we were all ready to be done with Darth Maul after he literally got sliced in half. But then he made a hilarious surprise cameo in Solo as like a crime boss with robot legs? Sure! Show me some more of that in this game.Sheev PalpatineEmperor Sheev Palpatine, the most beautiful dastardly bastard boy in all of Star Wars, is set to return somehow in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker this holiday. Putting him in this game, at the height of his powers, is a no-brainer.Iden VersioWhile the single-player campaign of Star Wars Battlefront II had its problems, like an over reliance on playing as famous faces no matter how nonsensical, we ultimately dug its lead character Iden Versio, an elite Imperial soldier who undergoes a bit of a redemption arc. Putting a young version of her here could create a neat kind of continuity between Star Wars video games specifically, plus we’d love another Janina Gavankar performance.WattoI looked up what happened to greasy flying desert slavemaster Watto after The Phantom Menace and apparently Darth Vader slaughtered him in revenge? Honestly, that’s one of the most honorable things Vader ever did. Put that scene in this game!Grand Admiral ThrawnThe sinister Grand Admiral Thrawn grew in popularity thanks to his starring role in some of Timothy Zahn’s beloved Star Wars novels. When Disney bought Lucasfilm, those books and original Expanded Universe characters became non-canon. Fortunately, we now know those characters are eligible for showing up again in new, canon Star Wars projects. Thrawn was a major antagonist in Star Wars Rebels, so put him in this game, too. We don’t have much hope for Mara Jade, though.Kyle KatarnAnd speaking of EU characters, I suspect if Cal Kestis was just named Kyle Katarn people would be way more excited for this game. But developer Respawn can make up for this mistake by using their new canon Star Wars game to reintroduce the Dark Forces hero back into official continuity.An Evil Senator Who Wants To Outlaw GamblingArguably the biggest reason why folks are excited for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is that since it’s a single-player game hopefully EA won’t cram it full of the same microtransactions that turned Battlefront II into a borderline illegal casino for children. With the actual U.S. Government breathing down their necks, why not go full meta and introduce an Imperial Senator who foolishly wants to outlaw the galactic equivalent of loot boxes.For more on E3 2019 watch these trailers.last_img read more