first_imgIt’s impossible to say there’s a trend of increasing gun violence in Vancouver or across the nation, according to sociologist Clay Mosher, who analyzes crime trends and teaches criminology at Washington State University Vancouver.“This could be just a blip,” he said, after two workplace shootings and one drug-related shooting in two days left three people dead and three injured.“You could see this many things in this many days,” Mosher said. “Then you could see nothing for quite some time.”But it’s absolutely possible to say that we as a society are growing accustomed to hearing about random gun violence breaking out anywhere and everywhere — even right here. When it’s not in Chicago or Philadelphia but Fruit Valley and Fourth Plain, Mosher said, local folks just aren’t as shocked as they used to be.“We have become desensitized,” Mosher said. “I do think there’s a normalization of this kind of thing. Whether it’s happening here or somewhere else, it’s seemingly happening all the time.”That has mostly to do with the media universe we live in, he said. “I definitely think the media attention is greater. I think a lot of this is copycat stuff. It’s a catch-22, because the media has to cover it, of course,” he said.last_img read more