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‘Targeted violence’ against schools preventable: Secret Service report

first_imgsmolaw11/iStockBy LUKE BARR, ABC News(WASHINGTON) — Targeted violence against schools is preventable, if the warning signs are identified, according to a new report by the Secret Service released Tuesday.The report by the Secret Service’s National Threat Assessment Center studied 67 thwarted school violence plots and 100 plotters to come up with a framework to further prevent school attacks.The agency found that there were several consistent factors in attacks that were prevented and attacks that happened, such as a history of discipline or law enforcement interaction, if the plotter had experienced bullying or had underlying mental health issues, intended to commit suicide or had been impacted by childhood conditions.Schools should intervene as quickly as possible, according to the Secret Service.Dr. Lina Althari, director of the Secret Service’s National Threat Assessment Center, told ABC News that identifying warning signs of a student who could potentially carry out a mass attack is crucial in getting the student help.“We want to make sure that we are identifying these kids before it gets to the level where they are engaging in criminal actions, and then face legal consequences for that,” she said. “We want to make sure we’re catching them early on when maybe they are becoming more depressed, they are becoming more suicidal.”The Secret Service found that 45% of the attacks planned, but not carried out, were based on a grievance with a classmate.It also found that 15% of potential attackers wanted to kill. For example, according to authorities Matthew Vanderbeek threatened to shoot up his graduation ceremony in 2018. Vanderbeek wanted to emulate the 2012 Aurora, Colorado, movie theater shooting that killed 12, according to the Secret Service, even going so far as dyeing his hair to match that of the convicted gunman and advocating for his release from prison.Students are best positioned to report any concerning behavior of a classmate, the report said, but families are critical to identifying troubling behavior.In the foiled plots studied by the Secret Service, 69% of the communications about the plans were observed by students, classmates or peers.Often times, when reported early, student plotters are able to seek treatment rather than criminal prosecution, Althari said.“Sometimes we know parents can be in denial,” Althari said. “But if it is swiftly explained to them what the goal of this process is which is about helping that student have successful outcomes in life.”The report also found that 64% of the student attack plotters had access to firearms and 15 of the foiled plots were set to be conducted on dates in April — likely because of the Columbine High School shooting, which occurred on April 20 in Colorado.The Secret Service found that in nearly half of the planned plots, one or more of the co-conspirators had interest in the 1998 shooting at Columbine.And of the school attackers who planned but did not carry out the attack, 85% either researched how to obtain or obtained weapons. And in nearly all of the attacks, the plotter planned to use firearms in the attack itself and 51% had planned to use explosives.The report indicated that 75% of the plotters were discovered because they communicated their intent and most behaviors were observed and reported on the same day.In one instance, a 17-year-old male was reported to police by a friend after he indicated he wanted to carry out a school shooting.“The plotter created cellphone videos in which he discussed his plot, stating he would kill more people than Columbine, Virginia Tech or the attack in Oslo, Norway,” the report says. “The plotter spoke about purchasing an AK-17 with a laser sight, told him that he perfected a timer for bombs and showed him a map of schools.”A majority of the plotters were also male, which is consistent with previous Secret Service research on mass attacks.Copyright © 2021, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Palermo Becomes Boca Juniors’ Highest-Scoring Player in 80 Years

first_imgBy Dialogo March 03, 2009 Is this the same guy that broke his leg when playing for Villareal (while celebrating a goal during one of the soccer drills during the practice? Martín Palermo, “the goal optimist,” a title given to him several years ago by coach Carlos ‎Bianchi, who coached him while Boca Juniors achieved most of the titles and ‎championships in their history, is Boca’s highest scorer in the last 78 years. ‎ On Sunday, he scored the 195th goal wearing Boca Juniors’ blue-and-yellow shirt against ‎Huracán (3-1), surpassing Francisco “Pancho” Varallo, who has held the club record of 194 ‎since Argentine soccer was professionalized in 1931. ‎ Significantly, the “optimist” label was given to him by the 13th-ranked goal-scorer in the ‎world; that’s why it is Bianchi, Boca’s current coach, whom Palermo honors by scoring ‎goals at the age of 35. ‎ ‎”Bianchi’s phrase, which has become famous, is appropriate. I am a born optimist. In any ‎circumstance, I believe I am going to score a goal. Always,” the forward player stated. ‎ Palermo scored 195 goals for Boca a year after being named by FIFA as the best header ‎player in the world, after a survey carried out by his web site among Spanish-speaking fans. ‎ And his optimism leads him to dream of more goals in the fifteen encounters left in the ‎Argentine “Torneo Clausura 2009″ tournament, and in the matches coming up in the ‎second phase of Copa Libertadores. ‎ The main goal-scorer currently active not only in his country, but also in “La Bombonera” ‎stadium with more than 100 goals, is still scoring goals for Boca Juniors, and by all ‎indications he will not wear a different team shirt before the end of his career. ‎ As has happened many times in his career, two years ago the player received more criticism ‎than praise, and in order to silence his critics he set another record by scoring four goals in ‎one match. ‎ Until then, on four occasions he had scored three goals in one match. But on that March ‎evening in 2007, playing against Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata (his lifelong rival, since ‎he still had some ill will because he used to be a player for Estudiantes de La Plata), he ‎scored a ‘hat trick’ in eight minutes, between minutes 6 and 14, and scored another one in ‎minute 73 to finish the match 5-1. ‎ Palermo has overcome numerous phases fraught with mistakes and criticism, such as his ‎short stint with the Argentine team when he failed three penalties against Colombia during ‎the 1999 Copa América, in the Paraguayan town of Luque. ‎ He has also suffered from three significant injuries during his career. The first one took ‎place in November of that year, when he tore the ligaments of his right knee and was ‎benched for six months. ‎ The second one occurred when he was playing in Villareal in November 2001, when after ‎scoring a goal against Levante in the Copa del Rey, a concrete wall collapsed on him and ‎fractured his right ankle. ‎ The last one took place about six months ago, when he tore the ligaments of his right knee ‎again. Before that, in 2006, he went downhill when his son died six hours after he was ‎born. ‎ His most spectacular performance was in 2006 against Independiente de Avellaneda, with a ‎goal shot from 61 meters away from goalkeeper Oscar Ustari, currently playing for Spanish ‎Getafe, who could not stop it. ‎ Palermo has been league champion for Boca Juniors on six occasions, and seven times in ‎international tournaments: Copa Libertadores (2), Copa Intercontinental, Copa ‎Sudamericana (2), and Recopa Sudamericana (2). ‎ In 1997, he scored his first goal for the blue-and-yellow team against Banfield, after he was ‎transferred to the most popular soccer team in Argentina from Estudiantes de La Plata, ‎where he had scored 34 goals since his debut in Primera División in 1992. ‎ Among the most curious goals scored by this soccer player, who is nicknamed “el loco” ‎‎(the madman) in his country, and who played for the Spanish teams of Villarreal, Betis, and ‎Alavés between 2000 and 2004, we find a penalty kicked with both feet due to a slip, ‎against Platense in the 1999 Torneo Clausura. ‎ His masterpiece came nine years ago in Japan, where he scored two goals in the first six ‎minutes of the game at the tournament Copa Intercontinental against Real Madrid (2-1). ‎ To his 195 goals scored with the Boca Juniors Palermo adds 34 with Estudiantes, three with ‎the Argentine football team, 21 with the Villarreal, one with Betis, and three with Alavés.‎last_img read more

Bombers Rugby salutes year end winners

first_imgThe end of the school term means time to hand out athletic awards at L.V. Rogers High School.Two Bombers garnering top honours were Grade 12 players Simon Yole and Simon Yole and Mariah Maglio. Yole, powerful, high work rate, durable and commited, captured the Most Valuable Player award for the Bombers Rugby side.Yole also was the Commissioner’s Winner at B.C. High School Rugby Championships in Abottsford.Meanwhile, on the girl’s circuit, Maglio topped the awards by winning the Most Valuable Player for the Bombers.Maglio was the leading scorer with amazing speed and gifted offensive abilities.Other award winners for the Bombers Rugby include Rookie of the Year: Emma Schrader and Jef Vreys while Tiffany Markin and Brandon Sagal were Coaches Award winners.last_img read more