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Indiana Public Debt Among Lowest in the Nation

first_img Cost per Hoosier taxpayer far below most states(INDIANAPOLIS) May 25, 2017 – Indiana has the sixth lowest public tax-supported debt in the nation, according to a national state-by-state analysis of public debt by Moody’s. The latest Moody’s Investor Service State Debt Medians report shows Indiana public debt equates to $306 per taxpayer—less than 1 percent of taxpayers’ personal income. “A triple-A credit rating and low public debt-service go hand-in-hand,” said Micah Vincent, director of Indiana’s Office of Management and Budget. “We achieve both goals through forethought, innovative financing and vigilance in managing taxpayer dollars.” The report shows Indiana’s debt-service ratio is less than one percent (.8 percent), significantly lower than the rest of the nation and neighboring states like Illinois (8.1 percent), Kentucky (7.7 percent), Ohio (5.6 percent) and Michigan (3 percent). FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare “For more than a decade, Indiana’s public and private sector leaders have worked to create a world-class economy by passing balanced budgets, investing wisely, reducing regulatory hurdles, and growing a skilled and ready workforce,” Governor Eric Holcomb said. “This latest report from Moody’s is further confirmation that all Hoosiers benefit from our state’s position as a national leader in fiscal responsibility.” The Moody’s report was developed based on an analysis of calendar year 2016 debt issuance and fiscal year 2016 debt service. The report is available online to subscribers.last_img read more

Commonwealth Games: Ghana’s Hor Halutie’s 100m qualification time in context

first_imgOn Sunday morning, the teenage Hor Halutie qualified for the final of the women’s 100m at the Commonwealth Games in Australia.For her, the dash lasted just 11.46 seconds, and it is very likely she has no idea what kind of buzz she’s created within her circles at the Games. In Ghana, the news is spreading, fast.For a country that’s not used to athletics success in the last many international tournaments, the excitement is understandable. But it’s important to contextualize her semifinal finish, in order to keep expectations for the budding talent at an appreciable level.First, the 19-year old qualified as one of two fastest losers. Halutie was in semifinal 3, in a field of eight athletes (see main photo). Her start was shaky, but once she gained her rhythm, the sprinter flew past a Ugandan, a Cypriot, an English, and then a Nigerian opposition.The alum of T.I Ahmaddiya Secondary finished third, behind Reyare Thomas (Trinidad and Tobago, second place in 11.36) and Christiana Williams (Jamaica, first in 11.22). Halutie, therefore, had to wait for the fourth semifinal to be sure she made it to the final. Once she realised she had made it, she was ecstatic, because she had barely made it. “I’ve been very, very lucky because I just got in as the last of the eight qualifiers, but I will take it!” she said.In context, of all the eight finalists, she had the eighth best time. However, that does not mean she won’t do well in the final, and she knows it, for the time she ran is not even the fastest she’s ever done. Her best was a second faster, 11.45, during Heat 1 of the same event in Australia.”Anything can happen in the final, and I just have to be focused. Some of the ladies here are also really good with excellent starts, but never say never,” she said after the race.The women’s 100m final is on Monday at 11.50am, and Halutie will be the only African in the field of eight.  All the races are live in Ghana on SuperSport 11.last_img read more

‘Overtime:’ Michael Jackson was and still is ‘The King of Pop!’

first_imgIn this May 31, 1997 file photo, U.S. Popstar Michael Jackson performs during the opening concert of his “HIStory Tour Part II” across Germany and Europe at the Weserstadion in Bremen, North Germany. (AP Photo/Joerg Sarbach, file):10 ~    Ok, so you do know Michael . . . “The King of Pop” Jackson is dead . . . right? So I guess you also know he, well kinda he, has the #1 song in the land, but somehow you can’t understand why he was and still is “The King”! Even you haters gotta love that!:09 ~    And while I have you haters’ attention, let me put you on Front Street. If you’re over        “50”, don’t act like you didn’t do the robot to “Dancin Machine”. Don’t pretend like you         didn’t want to know who “Billie Jean” was, and for goodness sake, don’t even think about trying to tell me you didn’t sing “I Want You Back” after your girl walked out on you for      the fifth time. Yeah, you cried over “Ben” the rat . . . we all did. You marveled at the  dance routine of “Smooth Criminal”. You thought “Remember the Time” was super cool.  You ran to the dance floor the first moment you heard “You Rock My World”. And if  you open your mouth to try and convince me that you have never done the entire       “Thriller” dance at a wedding reception at least five times, I’ll smack all the taste out your    mouth! (Go ahead, put the C.D. in . . . nobody’s watching).Bill Neal:08 ~    So this bears repeating. I’ve never had a drop of alcohol, a cigarette, or a drug in my life. Anybody that really knows me will confirm that. Now, that being said, that moral value   statement and five bucks will get you a Big Mac meal. Point being, I am no saint and I  am not looking for a pat on the back. So yes, Bell and Blunt (get it “Blunt”?) should be      held accountable and punished to the fullest extent of the Mike Tomlin and Rooney family and NFL law. But if you want to believe that with all the people and cars and trucks and fumes on McKnight Road that the police officer pulled them over because he smelled weed and not because they were “driving while Black” wwweeelll, have I got  a bridge to sell you. C’mon man!:07 ~    See, it’s like I told you before. Right now you give less than a damn about soccer.:06 ~    You could write a book on Alvin Byrd, literally. But let me say this. Nicest guy in the  world. mooth as silk . . . all the time. A leader – trend setter – talented – highly  intelligent man – and as you all know, wrote the book on G.Q. Rest in Peace “Byrd”.  You were, in fact, The Man!:05 ~    I don’t know what you’re getting all upset about. The Pirates have “35” more games to play. Watch what happens when everybody gets healthy. As my good Brother Jerome   Flint would say, “Don’t worry. Don’t worry”.:04 ~    Yes boys and girls, “The Steelers have problems and they are many.” Quote the emperor   Chuck Noll.:03 ~    By the time you read this, Kevin Love will be a Cleveland Cav. Then I guess he and King James are going to cure cancer and save the world from destruction. Cleveland . . .   Miami . . . Cleveland. I just don’t like LeBron. Sorry Zik!:02 ~    Football season is here. No more lonely days. No more lonely nights. And you won’t  say it out loud, but now you don’t care what your women say or do till February.:01 ~    So you know how when you pass by the Giant Eagle in East Hills and you’re going down   Verona Road past the Dairy Queen, then you go a little further, well, right next to Bonus Tire is “The Lounge on Verona”. Well, that’s where the Par-tay is on Saturday,  August 30th – 8:00 p.m. till 2:00 a.m. – free parking – cash kitchen and the best fried  chicken in town – cash bar – 50/50 and The Legend Sly Jock breaking you down. We’re   gonna be Dancin . . . Eatin . . . and Drinking with or without you. ($10 to get in . . . the    good times are free!!!)last_img read more