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Watch Dave Matthews Band and Robert Randolph Bring ‘Rhyme & Reason’ and ‘Cornbread’ To Chula Vista

first_imgFans were stoked when Randolph finally took the stage, joining the machine of multi-talented players for a raging two-song collaboration. It was the first time the musicians played together since September of 2009 in Des Moines, Iowa. Thanks to YouTube user rebelLion0815, you can watch the full performance below:For comparison, check out this video from their 2009 performance at Principal Park, courtesy of YouTube user Bryant Dittmer:Full setlist from Friday’s show below:Edit this setlist | More Dave Matthews Band setlists [Photo via Robert Randolph] On Friday night, fans of the Dave Matthews Band were treated to an exciting collaboration at the Sleep Train Amphitheatre in Chula Vista, CA. To the audience’s surprise, pedal steel guitarist Robert Randolph attended the show as a fan, then stepped up to play a full two songs of slammin’ and jammin’ DMB originals, “Rhyme & Reason” and “Cornbread.”Randolph hinted at the sit-in on the day of the show via his Facebook page:last_img read more

Watch Full Video Of STS9’s 20th Performance At Red Rocks Amphitheatre

first_imgLast night, the beloved STS9 made their way to Red Rocks Amphitheatre, playing for their 20th time at the storied Morrison, CO venue. There’s no denying that an opportunity to perform at Red Rocks is a coveted dream for any musician, so to reach performance #20 must have been particularly special.With magic in the air, STS9 mixed some of their classic hits with newer tracks from the recently-released LP, The Universe Within. Tribe was on fire throughout the whole two set performance, debuting new material and even welcoming out vocalist Maureen Murphy for a handful of selections.Thanks to YouTube user JMar, we have full video from the night to share. Enjoy this wonderful STS9 performance on the Rocks!STS9 is set to do it all again tonight, September 10th. Check out the full setlist below, as annotated by Church of STS9.Setlist: STS9 at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO – 9/9/16SET I:Supercluster(*#) –Out of this World(*%) –Frequencies 2 – 3To The WorldMarchGobnugget –Between the Sheets($&) –Reemergence –Between the SheetsVibyl(@)New Dawn, New DaySET II:Simulator –GrowThe Rabble –Call Jam –The RabbleElsewhere(*)Sun, Moon and Stars($*)Blu Mood –MOD –Modular Improv –MODWorld Go RoundENCORE:Better Day($!)Light Years(*)Show Notes:* = first time played# = band wearing space helmets% = HB technical difficulties throughout song$ = w/ Maureen Murphy on vocals& = Isley Brothers [email protected] = extended jam of Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message”? = Modular Jam! = Alana on Stand Up Bass[Photo from Red Rocks 2015]last_img read more

STS9 Welcomes GRiZ In Birmingham For “Frequency” Encore [Watch]

first_imgSTS9 celebrated their “Halloween Launch Off Party” last night with GRiZ, Haywyre, and The Geek x Vrv at Oak Mountain Amphitheatre in Birmingham, AL. With Sound Tribe taking center stage, they made sure to bring all the jams and an “Out of this World” transition to “Rent” finale. The electronic jam pioneers welcomed out saxophonist GRiZ for a “Frequency” encore, marking a special moment for all those in attendance who got to witness the first-time collaboration.GRiZ shared a recap video, which you can watch below:Additionally, some fans were quick to record the epic collaboration. Thanks to Instagram users @zchflmng and @y2jim, you can peep a little more of last night’s action. STS9 @ Oak Mountain Amphitheatre in Birmingham, Alabama 10/28/16:Set: March>>Moonsocket, Love Don’t Terrorize, To The World, Circus, Sun,Moon,&Stars>Inspire Strikes Back, Out Of This World*>>RentEncore: Frequency 2>3 (w/ GRiZ)*instantly jam[Photo Credit to Jim Shepherd, Setlist via The Church of STS9 Facebook]last_img read more

Warren Haynes, Medeski, Don Was & More Announce “The Last Waltz” 40th Anniversary Tour

first_imgDuring New Orleans Jazz Fest season, guitarist Warren Haynes and bassist Don Was hosted an all-star tribute in honor of The Last Waltz’s 40th anniversary. The final album by The Band is one of the most beloved performances of all time, and it’s no surprise that the tribute was incredibly well received. Now, in honor of the album’s 40th, an all-star collection of musicians will take this tribute on the road.Haynes and Was will be joined by John Medeski, Jamey Johnson, Terence Higgins, Michael McDonald and more for the tour, and original horn scores composed by Allen Toussaint will also be used. More special guests will soon be announced.“The Last Waltz is one of the greatest rock music moments in history,” Haynes tells Rolling Stone. “When we did it in New Orleans, it was so much fun. We were able to honor what came before and still come up with a different take on the original with a very unique blend of musical personalities.” The show originally took place on November 25th, 1976 in San Francisco, and has come to be recognized as one of the greatest performances of all time. Musicians like Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Dr. John, Van Morrison, Ringo Starr and more joined up with The Band for their final performance.The newly announced tour runs from January 21st through February 4th. You can check out the tour schedule below, and head here for details.The Last Waltz 40 Tour DatesJanuary 21 – Hollywood, FL @ Hard Rock CasinoJanuary 23 – Clearwater, FL @ Ruth Eckerd HallJanuary 24 – Atlanta, GA @ Woodruff Arts CenterJanuary 25 – Nashville, TN @ Ryman AuditoriumJanuary 27 – Red Bank, NJ @ Count Basie Theatre (Jamey Johnson not scheduled to appear)January 28 – Boston, MA @ Orpheum Theatre (Jamey Johnson not scheduled to appear)January 29 – Philadelphia, PA @ Verizon Hall/Kimmel CenterJanuary 31 – Toronto Canada @ Sony CentreFebruary 2 – Albany, NY @ Palace TheatreFebruary 3 – Westbury, NY @ Theatre at WestburyFebruary 4 – Washington DC @ The Theater at MGM National Harborlast_img read more

Fruition’s Mimi Naja Discusses Songwriting And Coming New Years Celebrations

first_imgFruition has had quite a year in 2016! Their work on the latest album Labor Of Love is nothing short of inpeccable, and their tireless touring of the nation has earned them new fans at every stop of the way. Their intensity is palpable and entrancing, led by the front line of Mimi Naja, Jay Cobb Anderson and Kellen Asebroek. The three are whirling dervishes during Fruition performances, selling their intensely personal songs with an impassioned approach that acts as a siren song to old fans and new alike.Fruition is taking a short, well earned break from the daily cross country grind to rest up and prepare for the approaching winter shows. On the immediate horizon is three night hometown New Years’ run at the Wonder Ballroom, with Jans Ingber & The Funk Fellowship, Sassparilla and Hillstomp each taking a turn in providing support for the run. Those shows themselves will each have a theme, including a tribute to the songs of 1967 as part of the big New Years Eve extravaganza.With all the fun coming up and the year nearing the end our own Rex Thomson sat down with mandolin and vocalist Mimi Naja for her take on the state of Fruition. They cover the reaction to the new album by fans, her thoughts on songwriting in general and the difficulty of walking tense political lines. Check out their conversation below:Live For Live Music: Earlier this year you released Labor Of Love to much acclaim nationally, and your shows have grown in attendance in an almost direct correlation. How does it feel to watch from the stage as fans get more packed in and energized by the music you make?Mimi Naja: It feels amazing. We’ve always considered ourselves more of a live band, and even if some nights the crowd wasn’t there yet, that is where a big part of our energies lie. It is satisfying to put together a record that reflects our live sound more. And if the folks have some tunes that they know and can sing along to, that is always humbling and mind blowing. Especially in a town you’ve never been to. It’s awesome!L4LM: Fruition’s brand of earnest and relatively sparse, instrumentally, roots based sound has a clarity to it that connects with fans on a very elemental level. You seem to use that connectivity to speak to more universal subjects, primarily love. Is that a conscious decision on the part of the songwriters in the band?MN: The earnest bit is definitely conscious; to stay earnest, not writing just to be some sort of thing. We write because we want to express something, you know? We don’t have a dance number or something that caters to some poppy purpose. We might have songs that are dance-able and are poppy, but we never try and fit things into some kind of package when we are writing.Naturally, because we are a live band, that is what comes out of it. Love, growth, longing, highways…L4LM: Do you subscribe to the concept of “Writing from what you know?”MN: Yes, definitely. Sometimes when songwriting, or writing in my journals or whatever, it’s fun to take a storytelling vibe, but we always tend to write from some kind of “I/Me” so that it applicable, honest and earnest.L4LM: Clearly love songs dominate Fruition’s catalog, though some of them are a bit sadder than others. Would you say that is descriptive of the band? Not that you’re sad, but honest and loving?MN: Absolutely. That’s always a good description of the band. In the last handful of years, four members of the band went from being partners in relationship to being single, and that plays out in the songwriting. Our job as touring musicians, definitely had a part in those relationships going that way. The honesty is quite forward on that part.L4LM: Are there any examples you could point to from your work as more clearly from your own life than others?MN: Well, most of my stuff is pretty straightforward. Like the song “Beside You.” It’s really just a straightforward take on a relationship. A love I had and lost; a love that just flew away. It’s very reflective of that “I’m on the road and here I am in this beautiful place but I’m really far away from home and you” feeling I was having.It’s that longing for home kinda thing. I think that song couldn’t be more honest. The relationship was said and done by the time the record got released, that was kinda funny. By the time we started playing the song live, it was outdated.L4LM: Is songwriting a continual process for you? Do you designate periods of time to it or set goals for your creative process?MN: I’m trying to be more disciplined and diligent about it. Because, before our touring and our whole career, before our whole lives became this working experience, I used to just take inspiration when it came. Now we’re busy with what we’re doing and the fun inspiration doesn’t come as much anymore, because you’re driving and loading out. Oh, and actually getting sleep whenever you can.So you have to be more diligent about taking the time. Jay has always said that, no matter what, no matter where you are, go out and write something. I started taking a cue from him on that thought. Don’t put pressure on yourself. You’re not gonna write a great song every day. But if you write something, then maybe that inspiration will start flowing if you’re dedicated and charged into doing it.L4LM: You paint very tangible pictures with your lyrics. Do you remember began to connect with word play?MN: I always loved singing. I used to dig poetry. I wrote my teenage emo poems with the best of them. I always enjoyed it but I didn’t become confident in my lyricism right off. I always connected with ballads. Lyrics in ballads. I loved the classic Ella Fitzgerald/Billie Holiday. I always vibed with the more narrative lyrics.L4LM: The nation is MORE openly angry and distrustful of authority and each other than ever before. Do you foresee any more socio-political themes music in general or your own writing?MN: I’m very impassioned member of society, too, but, it’s a really, really, really tricky line when you have been given this platform. Fruition is a group project. This isn’t my own personal place to go off on something. The band members share very similar politics – somewhat liberal, myself included – but because we are respectful of this platform being something we have created together, it is a really delicate line for us to go and cross together.If we broaden our scope and politically charged lyrics are coming from Fruition, then they will be mindfully crafted. Maybe one of us will bring something to the table, but we would refine it together because we don’t want to something that divides. We want to be something to connect over, not to push or scare or turn anyone away from what we are doing. It is a delicate, delicate line.I do hope artists feel safe being as vocal as they feel they need to be. And who knows? Maybe in some other project I will lose my fucking mind.L4LM: New Years Eve is a time when a lot of people take stock of the last year, but Fruition is looking back 50 years to 1967. Did you guys find one of those old “Greatest Hits of 60s’s” discs or was there some other inspiration for the choice?MN: It was just a great year for music. So many good songs. If you look at one of those “what song was number 1 the year I was born” sites you will see how awesome ’67 was. It is gonna be cool.L4LM: Fellow Portland singer and funk-ster Jans Ingber is opening the first night, and Fruition is planning on getting funky too during their sets. That seems like a slightly different set of musical muscles than you normally flex. Doing any preparation in particular to get ready for it? Are there “Funk squats?”MN: That sounds like a good idea. I’m not opposed to idea of funk squats. We listen to a lot of funky and R & B type music and maybe that is reflected in our sound a bit. I think that is going to be a lot of fun. We’re all into these kinds of really tunes, so it will be a good time for us.L4LM: In the middle of the run, you are taking a loving look into the far corners of your catalog for some rare tunes. Are you using this opportunity to see if any shelved songs are ready to make their return to the rotation?MN: That is a definitely a part of it. Also, it is just good to play these songs. It’s like “Don’t forget how it goes, just because you haven’t played it for a while.” And Portland is a great place to do that. Our diehard fans are there. Our original crew. And they all know them all. Portland, more than anywhere is a safe zone to dig that stuff up and put it out there.L4LM: You’re ringing out the old ways in fine style. Next year you have some fun already announced with a short run with your good friends Greensky Bluegrass. Any other plans you can share? More new material perhaps, for your more diehard fans?MN: I can say we are getting ready to start preparing to get some demos done. We are preparing stuff for the next record. I don’t know anything about the timeline. But I hope we can do this forever. Release an album. Tour the album. Start the next album.That is what we are trying to do. Not sure whatever announcements I can give other than we are planning on staying busy. We have a couple of ideas I am very excited about, I’ll just say that!L4LM: You’ve been known to play a bit of kickball with Greensky, and other bands like Elephant Revival, in the warmer months when time permitted. Do you still play in the snow, or is there a winter alternative?MN: Aw, man. You’d think with all the Winter WonderGrass Festivals we play we’d be snow bunnies by now but we’re totally not. In the snow I’ll drink some wine and that’s about it.L4LM: Bandmate Jay Cobb Anderson spoke of how hard it is to stay healthy on the road. How have you and the band been holding up lately?MN: We got off the road about two weeks ago and it has been really nice to unplug and reset. It is a nice reminder that when you are in the flow and working that you need to take the time to find good food and get some rest. And to schedule yourself times to recharge and go to the grocery store and not stay up with your friends. I’m not trying to burn out anytime soon.L4LM: Playing three nights for New Years in your home town sounds like a pretty smart way to combine the two and actually sleep in your own bed.MN: Yeah, real smart!L4LM: Well, everyone is looking forward to your coming to their town and rocking, so if you do end up playing in the snow be sure to bundle up! We appreciate your taking the time to chat with us and have fun rocking out the clock.MN: Thanks so much!last_img read more

Kung Fu Debuts New Song “Chop Suey” At Buffalo Show [Video]

first_imgConnecticut-based extreme funk rockers Kung Fu played Buffalo Iron Works in Buffalo, NY last night, with Mister F in tow as support. The group continued their recent affinity for Steely Dan, as they played cuts such as “Kid Charlemagne,” “Reelin’ In The Years” and “Bodhissatva.” They also debuted an absolute beast of a song called “Chop Suey” during the set as well.Take a listen to the track below, courtesy of SonicGardenPlaysDead:Kung Fu’s Fez Tour, in which they play one set of Kung Fu originals, and one set of Steely Dan, continues this evening in Detroit, then on to Chicago, as they make their way across the country to a multi-night run in Colorado, and much more. Check out a full schedule of Kung Fu tour dates here.Setlist: Kung Fu | Buffalo Iron Works | Buffalo, NY | 3/22/17Primetime Rib, Svendago > Daddy D, Chop Suey, Kid Charlemagne, Black Cow, Your Gold Teeth, The Fez > Green Earrings, Aja, Reelin’ In The Years, Peg, Bodhisattva*, My, Old School**, Gung HoE: Josie*w/ Scott Hannay of Mister F on keys**w/ Sarah Jane on vocalslast_img read more

STS9 Announces Line-Up For Red Rocks Including Axe The Cables And Full ‘Artifact’ Show

first_imgLast week, STS9 announced that the group would be returning to the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado in September for a special string of shows in celebration of their 20th anniversary. While STS9’s annual pilgrimage to Red Rocks for two nights each September has always been a highlight of fan’s year, this year, Tribe will be hitting Red Rocks for three nights across September 8th, 9th, and 10th, and each night has something special in store.On Friday, the group will play the entirety of Artifact, their 2005 release that was recorded across 2001 through 2004. The first night of the run will also see performances by Nightmares on Wax, El Ten Eleven, and Moon Boots. Saturday night, SUB-ID and Richard Devine will serve as support before Tribe puts on a more standard performance, though the performance is likely to be anything but standard. To close out their Red Rocks run on Sunday, STS9 will play a special “Axe The Cables” acoustic set to end their celebratory weekend. Troyboi, LTJ Bukem featuring Armanni Reign, and Soul Clap will kick off this last show.Tickets for the special show go on pre-sale tomorrow on Wednesday, April 19th, with 3-day and single tickets available to the general public here on Friday.[Photo courtesy of Aaron Bradley]last_img read more

Watch UGA Honor Gregg Allman At Halftime During Win Against USC

first_imgAs reported earlier in the week, yesterday, on November 4th, the #1-ranked Georgia Bulldogs (University of Georgia) and the South Carolina Gamecocks (University of South Carolina) faced off for a highly anticipated SEC football matchup. For the game at Sanford Stadium in Athens, Georgia, the UGA Bulldogs came out ahead, winning 24-10 against the Gamecocks and continuing their undefeated streak this season. However, music lovers from around the country will enjoy reliving the game’s halftime performance, during which UGA’s Redcoat Marching Band honored the late and legendary iconic rock star and Georgia native Gregg Allman by performing a medley of  Allman Brothers Band classics, including “Ramblin’ Man”, “Whipping Post”, “Midnight Rider”, and “Black Hearted Woman”.Gregg Allman Honored Memorial Advocacy Award At National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable EventDuring the UGA home game, the school also honored the recipients of the Gregg Allman Scholarship—a product of Allman’s generosity toward UGA’s Hugh Hodgson School of Music. In 2015, the beloved rock icon established the fund in collaboration with the UGA Music Business Program, with the funds going toward students who are looking to make it in the music industry.Watch The Nostalgic Official Music Video For Gregg Allman’s Cover Of ‘I Love The Life I Live’Watch the University of Georgia Redcoat Marching Band’s tribute to Gregg Allman below. [Video: Marvin James]last_img read more

PHOTOS: Victor Wooten Trio Amazes Indianapolis, IN’s The Vogue

first_imgPhoto: Keith Griner On Friday night, November 2nd, world-renowned bass virtuoso Victor Wooten brought his ongoing trio tour to The Vogue in Indianapolis, IN for an evening of music alongside bandmates (drummer Dennis Chambers and saxophonist Bob Franceschini). Wooten, Chambers, and Franceschini are in the midst of an extensive national tour which will keep the trio on the road through the middle of December. The tour coincides with the release of Wooten’s latest album, TRYPNOTYX, in September. “Music is a great way – and a safe way – to teach just about any life principle,” Wooten insists in a press release. “To be in a band, you have to listen to each other. Bands are at their best when every instrument is different, not the same. Everyone takes turns talking. Everyone speaks their voice. A lot of times musicians might ask, ‘What would you like me to play?’ I say, “Listen to the music. The music will tell you exactly what it needs.”INTERVIEW: Victor Wooten Discusses Music As An Art Of ExpressionBelow, check out a beautiful gallery of photos from the performance courtesy of Phierce Photo by Keith Griner; Instagram: @phiercephoto.You can listen to Victor Wooten Trio’s new album,TRYPTONYX, below in its entirety via Spotify:See below for a full list of upcoming Victor Wooten Trio tour dates. For more information, or to purchase tickets to any of the upcoming performances, head to Wooten’s website.Victor Wooten Trio Upcoming Tour Dates:November 3 – Songbird Guitar Museum – Chattanooga, TNNovember 4 – Beachland Ballroom – Cleveland, OHNovember 5 – City Winery – Chicago, ILNovember 7 – Madrid Theater – Kansas City, MONovember 8 – Gothic Theatre – Denver, CONovember 9 – Caribou Room – Nederland, CODecember 8-9 – The Sinclair – Cambridge, MADecember 10 – The Egg – Albany, NYDecember 12 – Brooklyn Bowl – Brooklyn, NYDecember 13 – Towne Crier – Beacon, NYDecember 14 – Anthology – Rochester, NYDecember 15 – Keswick Theatre – Glenside, PADecember 16 – 9:30 Club – Washington, DC[Cover photo via Phierce Photo by Keith G] Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Releases SBDs From Phish-Laced RRX Headlining Debut With Oteil Burbridge

first_imgToday, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead continued their “Taper Tuesday” tradition, releasing the soundboard from the group’s inaugural headlining performance at the iconic outdoor Colorado venue, Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Almost Dead’s Red Rocks show last summer on August 31st was a long time coming, as the group’s headlining Red Rocks debut was previously scheduled for the tail-end of April with Medeski, Martin, & Wood but had to be moved indoors to Broomfield, Colorado’s 1st Bank Center due to weather.Now For Something Completely Different: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead’s Spectacular Arena Debut [Full Audio]After checking calendars, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead secured a new performance time at the end of the summer—August 31st, which happened to fall a day before Phish’s annual three-day mecca to Dick’s Sporting Goods Park to close out their summer tour. Unfortunately, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead’s bassist Dave Dreiwitz was unable to make the new performance time, as he was on tour with Ween, forcing Dead & Company and Allman Brothers Band bassist Oteil Burbridge to tag in.Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Makes A Grand, Phish-Laced Red Rocks Debut With Oteil Burbridge [Video/Photo]Fans were frenzied to make it out to Joe Russo’s Almost Dead’s Red Rocks performance, selling out the 9,500-person venue without support. In honor of the Phish festivities the following days and recognizing that many phans extended their Colorado trips to make it out to their show, the band worked in an extensive “Harry Hood” jam (marking the first time the group had played the number) as well as teases of “Bathtub Gin” and “Stash” (rumors also circulated throughout the day that Trey Anastasio had soundchecked with the group and was slated to sit in). The show featured the group’s debut of “There Is A Mountain”, a Donovan tune that inspired the Allman Brothers Band’s now-iconic “Mountain Jam”.Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Announce 2018 Red Rocks ShowWhile these covers stood out because they were new to the Almost Dead catalog, the show came to a peak during the set two’s closing rendition of “Morning Dew”. With Tom Hamilton on vocals, during the number, you could hear a pin drop in the crowd, and it was truly a powerful and heartwrenching moment. Make sure to do yourself a favor and take a listen for yourself below, courtesy of Eric McRoberts.Setlist: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead | Red Rocks Amphitheatre | Morrison, CO | 8/31/2017Set One: Jam -> Here Comes Sunshine @ > Ruben & Cherise -> Jam -> Mama Tried, New Speedway Boogie # -> Music Never Stopped Reprise -> New Speedway Jam -> Music Never Stopped Jam -> Dancing In The Streets $ -> New Speedway Reprise % -> Box Of Rain ^ (OB), He’s Gone & -> Truckin’ -> Born Cross Eyed JamSet Two: Jack Straw > Feel Like A Stranger * -> Harry Hood Jam + -> China Cat Sunflower -> The Eleven -> The Wheel @@ ->  There Is A Mountain ## > I Know You Rider, Greatest Story Ever Told $$, Morning DewEncore: We Bid You Goodnight %%@ – With a “Sex Machine” (James Brown) Tease (MB), a “La Di Da Di” (Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick) Tease (MB)# – Unfinished$ – With Music Never Stopped Teases (TH), an unknown Tease (MB), New Speedway Teases & lyrics, a “Memphis Soul Stew” (King Curtis) Tease (OB), “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough (Michael Jackson) Teases (SM & MB).% – First split New Speedway^ – With an Uncle John’s Band Tease (Band)& – With Truckin & Tennessee Jed Teases (TH) & a “Humdinger” (WOLF) tease (SM) – I think* – Unfinished+ – Instrumental, incomplete version of a Phish Cover (No lyrics were sung), First Time Played By Almost [email protected]@ – First verse sung in 11, with an “In With the In Crowd” (Ramsey Lewis) Jam, a “Bathtub Gin” (Phish) Tease (MB)## – Donovan Cover, Instrumental with 2 choruses only sung, First Time Played By Almost Dead. Basis for the Allman Bros “Mountain Jam” but closer to the original Donovan version.$$ – With a “Night in Tunisia” (Dizzy Gillespie) Jam, an Estimated Prophet Tease (TH) & a “Stash” (Phish) Tease (SM)%% – A cappella at their positions with vocal mics, not at the front of the stage[Photo: Bill McAlaine]last_img read more