Month: July 2017

Micro blog promotion how to get fans

in April of this year, Xing Hongyu, general manager of Tencent’s micro-blog division, claimed that the number of registered users of Tencent micro-blog was 373 million at the end of last year, now about 400 million, and the number of active users per day is 68 million. In February this year, according to the latest statistics released by Sina, Sina micro-blog registered users have exceeded the 300 million mark, the number of users per day more than 100 million.

such a huge use of crowds, insight naturally see business opportunities, which can easily profit, of course, through the micro-blog to attract fans to promote the brand. In fact, some big brands are not much force to promote, such as World of Warcraft in the Tencent micro-blog fans has exceeded 500 thousand mark, and only need to release some news every day is enough; there are some celebrities, such as Comrade Han Han, had exceeded 10 million fans of the public; as for the rest of the topic, the government departments also, by the fans which need conscious attention, how to add tangled fans. read more

Word of mouth Li Zhiguo Reflections on the future of local portals

, webmaster, friends, good afternoon! First to correct a TITLE about me. Everyone knows that YAHOO and word of mouth are merged now. I’m now the executive director of YAHOO and word of mouth. And then come here today to communicate with you is about the local gateway, that day, learning to talk with me in the time, that is, invited me to the scene to communicate with you. I’ve been thinking, with our words called industrial mid actually you may also know about reputation, this is the concept of local region is very strong, so I think this recently, I blurted out, tell the local portal did not come. read more

What is a full featured product page layout idea

website of special subject page effect is very big, often can see a lot of the special pay promotion page landing page, you can see directly open a special page, which shows the importance of good. It can help from a different point of view, or from a vantage point to the packaging of our products, has many advantages, such as more targeted, with clear product advantages, different products such as nested copy. There are many types of topic pages, not only on product packaging, but also for packaging an activity, packaging a brand image, or an event, publicity, etc.. Today, he wants to talk to you about how to plan a web page that is in line with the user experience. read more

Standard comparison what kind of webmaster can succeed

        article outline: what kind of webmaster can become a successful webmaster? The author illustrates the problem with eight necessary conditions. Time, positioning, goals, vision, perseverance, skill, empathy, and temptation are all the necessary conditions in the process of becoming a successful webmaster.

in the personal website of the rivers and lakes, a batch of new Adsense come in, a batch of batch of old Adsense leave, leave the webmaster, have earned the purse drum, also have empty handed. Why is the same station, the difference is so huge, we have to reflect on what those people have the potential to lead the site to success and ability. read more

Personal Adsense in the future how to develop


problem is always our thinking, in a year ago, when our website every day can bring you a few hundred dollars of income, the heart is so happy, I want to be in the early years of development, estimated that today the millionaires the Internet must have a person is me, I am also considering a problem, that is why a year ahead of themselves may become millionaires, and a year later but can only make a small advertising, earn several hundred dollars a day. In fact, this is what I found the trend of development. The problem was that I didn’t adjust my development in time. I was only satisfied with a small amount of income. I could get seven thousand or eight thousand yuan a month. Today, basically no money. read more

Personal webmaster Success Road

as a personal webmaster, have you ever thought of success? Needless to say, the answer is definitely yes!


so how can you move from a personal webmaster to success? Ha ha, don’t take it too hard. When you think success is at hand, that’s when you’re about to succeed.

if you are still in that poor advertising and worry if you success is still a big distance. If you still worry the website promotion, your success is still a big step. If you have begun to consider the network management, the network operation of knowledge, so you are three miles away from success. If you have begun to consider how to be a boss on the Internet, how set up the team, then only one step away from success! read more

Do you still want to buy xwebhosting hosts

IXwebhosting six months ago, in China is very hot, cheap, super function, attracted the attention of many vertical station, I am one of them. But in the past few months, IXwebhosting is more and more not, what is the reason? I think the biggest reason is their own, and then the people, because it is cheap, many owners with the domestic audit system strictly, "immigration". It can be said that IX space is very painful space, and personally do not feel that the review system, but said performance than some of the domestic host business even worse. I’ll make a list of them. He’s not up there. read more

Disillusionment Grassroots nternet thinking is not enough and the important thing is the executive

Internet has become in the minds of many gold, so there are more and more people go into the Internet industry seems to be in a way of earning money, any of the talk about the Internet feel behind to be eliminated. At the same time, in the process, many people have achieved success that is difficult to achieve through the traditional model, so more people have a belief in the internet.

however, success is only part of a success, the reason why we feel so many internet success, no failure, at least not success not failure; it is because only those who achieve their will to share this to make more sense of achievement, and the failure of the people do not to share. For example, after a high school entrance exam, it is possible that a student who is usually very good at his or her performance is out of tune. You want him to share his usual learning experience and estimate that he doesn’t want to. Because although we often say that the results are unimportant, the important thing is the process, but the reality is that the success or failure of heroes. read more

From the social media to the electricity supplier APP a 85 after operation ten million fans experie

[core tips] want to maximize access to the value of fan economy, we must have to take care of the house, especially to resist the temptation of short-term benefits.

editor’s note: 1 years ago, the first time Lv Jinjie met in the Tencent open platform conference, when he was operating on Tencent open platform happy Amoy, an electricity supplier shopping guide platform. Not long ago I was "along the way you are", "happy camp", "you" and other platforms continue to see clearly the street brand appearance, I did not expect the 85 after the young man has been successfully transformed. After a long period of time, he who does not accept any media interview, and the protection of the delicate and low-key street this brand, this year he left the Tencent open platform to do their own independent APP clear street, in Yiwu for half a year, do a Taobao crown seller. read more

Can deep processed articles bring visitors to pay for it

Many webmaster or

website editor, have a lot of updates in every day, in the face of site content updates and editors are often upset many webmaster, how to edit the content site for visitors to pay, how to carry out the deep processing of the article for visitors to pay into the station editor on the topic. This article through the verb, prepositions, modifiers, three kinds of thinking thinking, positioning the outline of the article, using suspense, metaphor, exaggeration, define the title, easy access to deep processing, easy to let visitors pay. read more