first_img“An ancient instrument of war, battered and worn – but it still fires true. Perhaps it’s been waiting for you.”If you can remember way back to the first moment you picked up Destiny two years ago, the very first weapon that your Ghost pointed you to was the Khvostov 7G-02. It was your first taste of firepower, an auto-rifle that was incredibly low-powered, but of course you didn’t know that at the time. You simply grabbed it and fought off your enemies, and played with it until something better came along, and threw it aside. A gun with no perks quickly grows forgotten in the weapon-laden wonderland of Destiny, but there was still something about that first gun…Now Bungie has revealed that it knows people love this weapon, and so it will be returning in the upcoming Rise of Iron expansion. It won’t just be the same gun either, it will be a new exotic that pays tribute both to the old-school feel of the rifle and the nostalgia gamers felt to their very first gun.“We really wanted to pay homage to that,” said lead designer Ryan Paradis in a recent interview. “Let’s tug at the heartstrings a little bit. Let’s give this gun a little bit more fiction and purpose. It’s one of the true military weapons we have in the game that really feels like an assault rifle, so it was kind of neat for us to bring that back.” So not only will the Krovstov be returning, it will be the motivation behind an entire new quest line in the expansion. Similar to last year’s Sleeper Simulant, which was only unlockable through a long quest chain which required players to find fusion rifle relics, Khvostov weapon parts will be found in the new Plaguelands zone. These will be randomly hidden in chests or given out as rewards in the Archon’s Forge Battle Arena. Thankfully this time you’ll only need one (not the four that the Sleeper Simulant required) and when you hand it over to a new quest giver the quest line will kick off. It will culminate in you gaining the brand new upgraded Khvostov.Players who have somehow hung on to their starting weapon for this long time (or those that start up a new character) can simply scrap it for parts to get the parts.Besides a new barrel and a spitshine the gun looks the same, but the new perks add a whole lot more. Its new form will be customizable beyond most any weapon in the game. You can choose perks that turn the auto rifle into burst, semi-auto, or fully automatic, and even change the rate of fire when it’s automatic to something more akin to a chaingun.There’s also a slot for ornaments, which is a brand new feature in Rise of Iron. Presumably it will work like Chroma for armor, and allow you to activate it and change the way the gun looks.“Most players don’t gravitate towards auto-rifles, so one of the cool features is that node selection for firing,” says Paradis. “That’s the first time we’ve really fiddled with that, but it kind of makes it a gun for all occasions.” Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion launches on on September 20. It will feature a brand new area to explore (the Plaguelands) as well as new enemies, a new level cap, tons of new weapons, gear, quests, and most importantly, a new Raid.last_img

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