I ask, why not the wrap my hair? A friend and spent more than a month of time to do a health station, on the line after someone with content, a week later to Baidu and noble baby are presented, the results of the second day are included. Baidu more than 100, noble baby more than 1000, all the conditions are okay. But the next week to find the problem, seeing one week later, baidu is no longer updated snapshot, two weeks, or not to update, the content we every day in addition, yet many are original, should. But the noble baby has been updated, also very quickly. The chain was added, for fear of a sudden increase of two or three per day, according to the rate of increase, while domain in Baidu in the few things. The next day, I also try to find why like this on the Internet, do not have a clear statement, said the most is that we may be cheated, but we have no. During this period, I also look at the Apache log, baidu only to the home pages and several other simple, will not continue to go inside. Here is our website in Baidu climb Law:

so I Baidu to download a standard robots.txt file in the root directory, you can download the test, OK. OK, this time is already more than 12 o’clock in the evening. No, sleep. The second day morning, site:www.***贵族宝贝 O, my lady GA GA, updated, more celebration, in the next twenty hours, each site can receive different number included, of course, are not necessarily increase, but the overall increase is the highest when there are already more than 1000.

every one hour at a time, almost only climb the home page.

This is the 1.

2. every time to climb robots.txt. This is a problem in the robots.txt, because the line on the site after a week after Baidu included us, we made UrlRewrite for the site, is to add a.Htaccess file. The site is PHP, with a framework in the htaccess file, there is such a rule, if the file is not found, we will redirect to a written page, the intention is friendly to users that this page does not exist. However, this rule for problem robots.txt, baidu tried to take robots.txt, he doesn’t return the desired format, but the error page. That is the root of the problem, baidu must think that we don’t want him to grab our site, so no longer climb down.

I want to write something, I hope you write in Url Rewrite>

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