these events and Google’s response has spawned a series of problems. How important is it to search quality, for whom? Google’s market power is too strong? Whether the company should improve the transparency of the search results of the algorithm? Search industry in the future will be how to

The adjustment of

many commentators also have recently accused Google, allowing spam and low quality content appearing in search results. To this end, Google said it will intercept the so-called "content farms" (content farms) web search results. Demand Media and Associated Content this website belongs to the content of the farm, they will search results according to the ranking rules, crudely made lots of articles in a short period of time.

in the search results defects in validity problems after the media exposure, Google started to take action. The search giant has recently conducted a large-scale adjustment of product search algorithm. Google executives say, is to give the "high quality" website of higher ranking, and against those who are "useless" website. Google estimates that the search algorithm of the adjustment will affect about 12% of the search request.

? After Expert

Walton School of business said that Google search results have become an increasing concern, so a "cat and mouse" game emerged: one is the Google Corporation, the other party is trying to use a variety of search results show that the algorithm determines the order of people. This behavior is called "search engine optimization" (Shanghai dragon), that is to make a web page using a range of techniques, so as to improve the site in the search.

officially announced in February 24th. Compared with the past, a slight adjustment Google frequent and ordinary users are often difficult to detect, the influence of much broader. Recently, a series of negative news media exposure, Google’s move is to quell the aftermath. One of the most notable is the "story" of the New York Times, the chain corporation J.C. Penney said through the search engine "cheating", in a lot of search can make their own search results rankings ranked first in the request. "The Wall Street journal" reported that in a separate incident, the retail site Overstock贵族宝贝 is not due to violation of human intervention in the search results of Google ranking policy suffered heavy penalties.

Google’s search business to be able to meet the needs of the two kinds of people: users and advertisers." The Walton School of business professor of legal studies and business ethics Kevin · Werbah (Kevin Werbach) said, "Google is the dominant search engine. However, if the user found unable to get to the results they want, they will explore other options. From the financial sense may be more serious, because advertisers may give up on the search keyword auction. Google is the basic value orientation as a neutral "honest broker", to provide high quality search results."

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