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three, the anchor text bold stressed

keyword density, the definition for keyword density in Shanghai Longfeng standard which is 5% to 8%, but we do when the site often find some website, keywords are far greater than the range, and has a very good effect of ranking, we say "carnitine L-carnitine" effect "to this increase keyword density for the ranking of good or bad, personal feeling good, so we increased L-carnitine keyword density, but not to increase, is a natural increase in Shanghai, love is not harmonious! If L-carnitine multi word alone in a web site, then this keyword density is too large, you will fall in love with the sea harmony!

is a website with many anchor text, you can easily open a website, such as the latest update, column classification and so on, through the anchor text can be found in the relevant information, the anchor text is often we update the article title, anchor text and web site title echoes is the meaning, that is said in the update article around the title of the article to update, we give an example: for example, the title of the site is "L-carnitine slimming products -" some of the most, we from this title which is not difficult to see, there are 2 important words, one is the "s", one is "so when we" slimming products will need to update the article, and compared with the 2 words, you can update some: "carnitine L-carnitine," good effect "" L Carnitine slimming products "," the most effective and effective products, L-carnitine and so on, that is, in the update article, we emphasize in appearance the website in the title words, so for the development of the website ranking and the long tail word is very good

, anchor text and title to echo

why do we want to bold the keyword anchor text, when the love of Shanghai engineers in the design of the ranking algorithm, is standing in the point of view of the search in the design, and strive to be the most accurate, most valuable results show a search! When you enter a web site, there has been a bold word is a word, or the color out of the ordinary, that is easy to arouse people’s attention, if you will find the answer to the question of the customer needs to do, then your user experience is very good, the user experience is good, to have a good ranking is not.

is the anchor text link anchor text, using a picture of Web links constitutes a website, an important place for the visible anchor text, Shanghai dragon, for the website ranking, the anchor text in the end which plays a role in what, if you use the anchor text to improve the website rank it, here give you a simple analysis:

conclusion; anchor text should not be an independent

We all know that the

two, the anchor text should not be an independent


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