the reality of the society, life is too difficult, sometimes have to stoop to rmb. But not because of their own than novices understand something, do not have to put on a master like, such people are not popular. Need to know Knowledge is infinite., someone outside the person, the. For the people of talent is the most important, people are more willing to share with friends. At least in the Shanghai dragon industry is such. I don’t like an insufferably arrogant, in fact, we are all in the gutter.

: can I help you to do the best job

believes that many companies are optimizing the team mode, you are a member of the team, whether you are responsible for the construction of the chain outside the station, or the content editor in charge of the station. The first thing to do is to integrate into the team. Maybe a lot of Shanghai Longfeng children accustomed to a person to do all the work, but still advise you slowly turn it. Because individual combat era is coming to an end, now many Taobao customers say can make how much money a month, watching people echocardiography. In fact, many of them are a few people together in partnership, or you have to spend money to do the promotion. Into the team to do is to choose their own best position, this is not for me to talk. Sometimes you just entered the company soon, do not know much of your leadership ability. So this time you have volunteered".

! April 27th

into the Shanghai dragon team, choose the most suitable for their own "position"

for leadership, we may perform, but for ourselves, we can not regard themselves as "tools". The Commissioner of the chain chain machine, the content editor not copy machine. We want to do is: how to assist your leadership (such as: supervisor, manager) to do the work better, so that you can make your ability to show. The Commissioner of the chain every day to do resource statistics, it seems very boring, but can use resources, better resource analysis. The content of the editorial staff.

this stage Shanghai Longfeng practitioners is very tangled, because encountered a bottleneck: how to improve yourself? How always feel piaffe, no progress is backward. In fact, this depends on your own circumstances, I want to ask you about Shanghai: those skills you have mastered the dragon? Shanghai dragon skills, attitude? Good? Can calm in the face of some unexpected events do the optimization process? If the above Stone said you have no problem and then you can hard-edged the workplace in Shanghai dragon.

stone wrote an article titled: Shanghai dragon workplace experience second seasons: NiuDao articles on Shanghai Longfeng novice, stone today and you talk about when you have accumulated a lot of experience of the Shanghai dragon, how to better get along with colleagues how to play their own? Potential? Maybe you read after you Paizhuan: is not this nonsense? Forgive me, do not like do not see

people can have the characters, but don’t be arrogant

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