third, the use of all kinds of tools to choose long tail keywords. Now the Internet has all kinds of long.

from the long tail keywords field of view, can really help only 20% of them on the site, which is entirely consistent with the famous 28 laws, that is to say one hundred long tail keywords, only 20 long tail keywords will help to site optimization and operation, while up to 80 long tail keywords for the website optimization and operation is invalid. This has brought certain difficulties to the choice of long tail keywords are the focus of this paper is to analyze as a webmaster should be how to choose the appropriate long tail keywords, and let yourself get more advantage in optimization and operational level.

after selection, but also need to add some adverbs or short sentence, such as user habits will search, what kind of supernatural fiction? What is the latest supernatural fiction? Etc. this kind of long tail keywords are more in line with the user search habits, so in the optimization of website content, can be increased this kind of long sentence based on Xian Xia Men of the novel, so that users can quickly locate the corresponding content, so the content of the web site is able to show a higher ranking in the search results page to love Shanghai.

first, we must first clear the core keywords. Based on the long tail keywords selection is the core keywords for a web site, the number of core keywords is usually two to three, if a large number of core keywords, and the correlation is not large, so the website operation will bring great risks, usually between the core keywords itself also has a certain degree of Association, for example a novel kind of website, the core keywords should be "Danmei novels" and "male novels". Here, why not novels as the core keywords, the fundamental reason is that the novel keyword competition is too intense, for new sites, difficult to achieve competitive advantage.

Of course, these long tail keywords

second, the core keyword selection based on long tail. When you need to clear the core keywords, long tail keywords began to choose the so-called long tail keywords, is from the core keywords, increase the relevant attributes and adverbs, and thus easier to meet the user search habits. Still with the core keywords male novels for example, male novels usually include the contents of the military, and other types of Xian Xia officialdom novels, so it can be in the male novel, subdivision of these categories, military men Xian Xia Men novels, novels, long tail keywords can become men’s novels.

now operate the site in addition to the keywords competition, long tail keywords competition has been very intense, and even can be said that if the advantage in the field of long tail keywords, then the profit space will be fully open the website. But for the webmaster friends, based on the number of long tail keywords core keywords extending out of many, we can’t optimize the construction of all, which not only has good optimization effect, but also waste a lot of time.

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