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this is a registered plate website, website content rich, page frame is relatively complex. The content for a web site, not because I wanted to have more members and set up a large number of repeated registration information. Site maintenance to stand in the point of view, try to save users trouble registered in the above time, now the Internet users not only lazy and willing to spend at the same time on the site less. Can >

for a web site, the information content of people interested in the course better, to be committed to the web site to build into the essence of the content of the assembly center. A web page is limited, text contents can be arranged is limited, in the shortest time to the user the user access to show the essence of nature has become the core of the user experience. Even if the user’s taste is different, but to access your site must have common needs, we can lock the target user to explore the laws and rules of the website content update.

users see the website to seductive, is the first eye to bring users to enjoy, in the website open first seconds website actually experience the most intense. Beauty is not complex but simple atmosphere, create new styles. But the webmaster point is clear not to abandon the beauty website speed, this is absolutely not desirable. Site access speed is protection of all, webmaster should do is to guarantee speed on the premise of balanced beauty, can not have the order reversed.

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site access speed is the brunt of the impact, the majority of Internet users online time is highly decentralized, the average distribution on a web site to reduce time. If several seconds, the website is open, users will not hesitate to leave and almost no return. We are actually very poor Internet access speed website access speed is likely to meet the eye everywhere, is a problem faced by many websites now. The webmaster in optimize all the work before or stop and take a look at your site visit is not stable, if every two or three days problem, optimization of the rest is useless. The compression compression, the buffer cache, 1 seconds to open the site search engine also love love.


strong beauty

simple registration procedures

website after the initial content stage, the webmaster to start work site optimization, but it is initially built at the site of the building process, or after the site to optimize the user experience is always the key point through, for most of the website, we can focus on what, to enhance and strengthen the user experience of the website? A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai Longfeng zhenduan/) is summarized, for most sites have strong operational skills, and share with you now.

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