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web site collected, rankings and clicks are three important parts of Shanghai Longfeng work, three of them lack a lot, but also in accordance with the order of the site to be included in Shanghai Longfeng flow is an important first step, not included rankings, then click are the clouds, so in terms of optimization very important, actually included many websites do not have a very good, especially in some large and medium-sized website, it has included the optimization of the space when you have included optimization of time doubling it, the flow tends to increase a lot, so only included in this part, there are a lot of work to do so, how should we do science website

analysis, 1 search engines crawl log

3, nofollow, Noindex and robots.txt files using tags to help search engine included

when we "was collected before, the first step is to search engine to crawl, crawl, when search engines crawl into your page, and it feels when you meet the quality of it included the standard, it will give you the" citation index database, and then processed into it’s given to you "the keywords ranking, and log analysis, we can clearly know what pages are crawled, which pages is not grab, grab each directory website, so that we can take appropriate measures to promote the collection of search engines.

in the last step, we have not captured the URL list is extracted, then we can put the URL in the first show, in order to increase the search engine grab the opportunity to so many websites on the home page has the latest articles section, random display section, actually also is to increase the search engines the opportunity to increase your web pages, the first page of the weight is the highest URL pages in a web site, the spider is often the most active in the home page, so the show can often increase included.

2, on the front page display of uncrawled web pages URL

search engine principle Book knows, to search engine, its resources are limited, a part of "engine can only crawl the Internet in every day and in this search, web crawls, included only a part, so the search engine resources are scarce, in this case, we we take the most important page URL to try to show the search engine, while some have not included the value of the page, can prevent or stop the recording, tracking, here in the robots file and nofollow comes in handy, for example some meaning not included contact us, recruiting, login, registration etc. these links, we can directly use the nofollow search engine to stop tracking, for some directory for example website template directory in the website, some dynamic URL, we can To use the robots directly from the search engine "

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