The Links weight decreased Two: the

1 is normal "starts with a [html] tag, [/html] tag to the end. Some owners in order to avoid their own because exchange chain is dispersed weights, then put your link on the outside of the [/html], so the surface exchange links, actually to yourself "no loss".

said the chain exchange you stomach must have so many words to say, whether it is switched to the "empty" link, or by a chain involved, you will be friends in exchange of the chain more to this or that problem. Especially since the on-line platform Scindapsus algorithm, was banned, you can not find a suitable object from the platform, only their own private contacts right site to exchange, and the cheating things have occurred, so the author summarizes some today, the hope can help to the family, especially the novice friends.

3 using JS code to call the link, this approach is relatively common. As mentioned above, some owners pay attention to each other in the source file, so some owners will be sly on the first page of your link through the JS call, which in its source files erased, so we can not just look at the source file, the appropriate time or use tools to check under your own domain name, if you can not find the 80%. The chain is cheated.

2. Practice and above, just a little bit of conscience, it is mostly in weight, large bluff and deceive small owners, "

We all know that

2 iframe box packaging chain, this approach is relatively common. In most cases, the iframe box is used to place ads, search engines are not for crawling, if your link was the other with a iframe box package, then you have declared a chain is only on the surface of the landscape, only this. So I suggest you exchange chain to look at each other’s source code.

4 Application to access IP shielding spider chain. This approach does not know you met no, I also heard from a friend that the technique is very simple, some owners will use some software to exchange the chain blocked, resulting in one-way links of illusion, not their weight loss. See each other often occur snapshots can well prevent such things.

style: the use of technical means to trick Shuadian

1 exchange chain process, the most annoying person will I link on the common practice of the page, this is not only because the weight is not equal, because it easily deceived in common. Before the capital stock with the website I exchange to a high weight forum with capital chain, that is very useful, it will later found the so-called ordinary page add the robots. file, so that the ordinary page immediately into the air, no weight, not included, have to earn our single delivery, so personal advice pay attention to the home page or a chain exchange.

style on the page

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