Shanghai Longfeng work of Chinese and foreign chain resources, the chain resources and one of the core competitiveness of Shanghai is also the dragon master, master of rich and effective outside chain resources is equivalent to the Shanghai Phoenix work half done, and a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice to acquire and accumulate all confused chain resources, actually get and develop

is the final consolidation of resources, many Shanghai dragon Er have a resource, dense column address, each address to know what is needed to open the station, to log on to know is blog or forum, very messy. In fact, classified management of resources can make work easy, I will first list a EXCEL table, a good blog, forum, bookmarks, and other types of site classification, and indicate the good website name, address, account number and some notes, note the most important, to indicate whether to support the signature, if you can send a link whether, with independent blog, after the registration of what conditions will send the chain and so on, although these began when a little time-consuming, but absolutely useful, now I just get to organize their own resources, can.

It is self-evident importance

is the first collection of known resources, here is the big surrounding resources resources, has been fully verified, relatively stable, will use general Shanghai Longfeng work, this kind of resources is generally easier to obtain, only through the search engine or ask "first generation" is available, this kind of resources is our necessary, the effect is relatively stable, but due to the use of multiple effect in gradually reduced, and if only use this kind of resources is no advantage.

second is to excavate the resources, it needs some search skills, simple method is to dig through the chain of competitors, this method is more effective and simple, do not introduce more, in a way, the most important thing is to expand contacts, this way is a kind of ability of Shanghai dragon, when we exchange the chain will need to be with other people, this is the accumulation of contacts, of course not only contacts the exchange chain, because cyber source is very rich, they can not only want to get to share with other webmaster or Shanghai Longfeng share their resources, others will give you some help and support, resources so when you are rich, well connected, you will understand the acquisition has become simple resources, I own most of the resources are through the network of people Mai, in a lot of weight of high standing for the chain and hair soft, it is self-evident the chain of resources, Shanghai dragon has become easy, suggest Shanghai dragon to join the industry group and multi group of webmaster to learn to communicate with people, can let the Shanghai dragon work multiplier.

although the various websites on the Internet can be used as the chain resources, but many are not used immediately, if they take the time to slowly registered and then the test is time-consuming and inefficient, of course, a lot of new resources are required to test, but how to make more efficient, a broader way to Shanghai? Dragon master have the following suggestions:

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