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also need to describe the analysis, description of the website need to analyze what? Of course, or the user needs! When we love Shanghai site if after the show, description will be a important criterion to determine whether the user browsing the website, so here to do analysis of the needs of users, according to the needs of users to the appropriate user the preferences, and use the marketing type description can attract >


some people say that my website never analysis keywords, I want to use what, of course, if you do, 77 have nothing to say. Although the keyword is only a reference in love in Shanghai, but did not say exactly what the reference is of no effect? Is very simple, you told Baidu, I want this website a few keywords ranking on the home page, so Baidu will be based on your actual situation to determine whether accord with this website the key requirements, if met, will give you the love of Shanghai natural keywords ranking. On the other hand, you know, you write in what is not used.


now specializes in website optimization company, there are a lot of Shanghai dragon also engaged in this industry, the majority of people believe there will be repeated every day in this kind of work, that is the hair of the chain and update the article, in addition to these, the other will not like what, maybe he is not really. So today is speaking about the relationship between the 77: Website Optimization and data analysis.

for example, we all know the title of the site is generally not easily modified, so the choice of title also can be determined after analysis. So this time we will have on our website at the beginning of the construction, should take into account the theme of the site, the site’s target customers and by studying the website user needs to determine the use of the website title.

first said the website optimization process


process is very simple, but the actual operation is difficult to

believes Shanghai dragon white level problem all know, search engine optimization, search engine optimization, but the core is what is most important? The answer is simple: the website analysis. Why is the site analysis rather than user experience? The user experience is a word with no reality whatever we can not completely control, so, when we need some data to prove to us that the user experience is good. So do Shanghai dragon is the most important data analysis.



There are a lot of Keywords


site optimization process is very simple, is generally set up from the title, keywords, description, and then expand the construction and the construction of the chain website based on keywords, then is to wait for the participating site keywords ranking, and adjust the corresponding optimization strategy to improve our target keywords to the home page.

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