is the general title keyword + + brand keywords related words.

how to write a good title and description of

the content of the website is a website of soul and foundation, after all users to the website is either need a service, "

how to quickly update the original content website

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2, website contentMany people think that the

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according to the key properties of their industry, the competition of arrangement, such as Yuesao > gold > Beijing gold. Of course, there are regional and regional business needs. Choose from three key words above, we must first choose Beijing gold, because Beijing gold contains Yuesao, Yuesao company, and is a regional word, the degree of difficulty in the optimization, the Beijing company Yuesao relatively easy.

description method:


website built after you can go online, and my advice is a new web site in front of the line, it is best to fill some of the contents of the website, if enough you can write some original articles, to be on the line, be updated regularly.

I have too many sites do not write the title and description is on-line promotion, many enterprises do not know Shanghai dragon, keywords and description of the importance of Web site optimization, site of the company or general technical staff will write a simple title, some even can not write the description tag. If the site’s title and description are not perfect, so it is difficult to want to get good rankings.

statement is a simple description of the current web page, will generally introduce the company’s business, advertising phrase, telephone and other information, sentence can I suggest novice friends can refer to love Shanghai ranked the top two writing peer site description page. Note: the general description of no more than 200 characters.

?The title is written:

to do what the new line of Shanghai dragon


we all know in Shanghai love search results, only the page title, description, web site, the title and description is the most important, the title and description will greatly improve the click rate.

1, title and description to improve

we often see some Adsense said, his website a few days to love Shanghai weight 1, excluding the technique of cheating and luck, if the new site will do the basic work of Shanghai dragon in front of the line, a short time to get a good ranking is possible. So what needs to be done before the new website Shanghai dragon

can also be the main keyword + phrase + word brand marketing.

is not the webmaster can refer to you website written, is your users to search what word, this title was written into the keyword. Note: the title within 80 characters.

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