Zappos, like many Internet companies, was released in the 1999 tech bubble. Zappos sells shoes on the web, where customers choose shoes styles on the site, and Zappos sends customer requests to vendors, who then send goods from their own warehouses.

CEO Tony Hsieh says, "in theory, it’s a perfect idea."." But the reality backfired. After four years of the company, there was still no profit, no wind, and the shoe retail market had just recovered from the recession in 2001. In order to survive, companies must find more valuable products: good customer service, unless they deliver goods for customers, otherwise it will not be achieved, which means they have to build their own logistics system.

he was successful, sales of goods reached $2 billion, high-quality customer service to bring more repeat customers, these repeat customers also initiative to recommend Zappos to friends. In November 2009, Amazon bought Zappos for $1 billion 200 million, a perfect stop for Zappos.

Zappos in order to ensure excellent customer service, any shoes that are not delivered by itself are forced to rack, which makes its sales decreased by 1/4. Although we closed a door, we lost 25% of the profit. "I bet this will make the company grow better," Hsieh said."

so, what about a powerful optimization team made up of those members? In my opinion, it can be divided into six major components. These six components can be divided into SEO manager, website link construction staff, website internal structure optimization personnel, website content editor, designer and website analyst. The responsibility of each different, good project managers need to have a higher level of SEO, but not limited to the website optimization technology for other marketing, website construction, website code should have a detailed understanding, and can grasp the direction of development of the industry. Website link construction personnel is mainly responsible for the website of friendship link exchange, do a valuable link construction, in some large platform above do website visibility of the construction of the chain. The optimization of the internal structure of the website is the same as that of the technical staff. The structure optimization should pay attention to making a good website optimization of the three elements in my opinion, it is the site of the title, keywords, description and some need to pay attention to the website structure optimization everywhere, as long as the designer is on the website of the framework of understanding, site classification, URL specification and so on track, this also need to follow other personnel to carry out the work of mutual cooperation. The main content of the website is to fill and build the content of the website

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Zappos once closed a door, reducing the profit by 25%, but brought about rapid development, and was eventually bought by Amazon for over $1 billion.

want to create a site optimization team, as a decision you need to decide on their own stations in this industry, how in the end, the next is engaged in their own SEO team or a consultant model of external SEO services. For some personal webmaster words, I suggest you do not usually consider SEO services, because only hard to learn the true knowledge. Many owners choose SEO service, but often when a state can be stuck in this bottleneck, there is no way to break down, a webmaster even their own website profit model does not build, and how to take SEO service fees? So I am here to help you is create internal team, a good team will be more understanding of their own projects, are relatively easy to use for the company inside some of the product knowledge. But there is a good team in want of perfection is a good, this team you must have some senior SEOER to help you work in this industry there are many levels of SEOER is not willing to depend on others to survive, unless your platform is very powerful, can play its full strength, let the can be raised.

site search engine optimization SEO, the industry’s threshold is very low, as long as a little understanding of the site structure and search engine understanding of people, you can engage in this industry. But the real good job is very difficult, most people in this industry is the lack of execution, but also our biggest problems, my personal work experience of view, the more large company, it is more difficult to execute project work. So today for you to introduce how to build a high executive force optimization team.


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