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below I speak, I feel a little bit with the phpwind program after it, I was using the phpwind 8 program, then the official out of the official version 8.3, I chose to upgrade. Now you go doing daily website, also often go to the official phpwind forum. This time, they found a lot of problems, I also don’t land out, speak a little I feel very serious problems. It is to use the phpwind program almost each page are search engine included duplicate problem.

PW forum if you open the pseudo static words, love Shanghai may be a post repeat included more than 5 times. If your site is tied for the two level domain name, as the number of repeat included many. In fact, the idea is good official PW, users want to use each domain name can access to the same page, can for Shanghai dragon, but this taboo.

can now phpwind officials are also not out the corresponding solution, so we can do, only a few to two level domain name or is not tied to the two level domain. Wait for the official new version can solve this problem. The above is my thoughts, if not recognized, we can exchange……

included a normal post normal URL, Shanghai will be included in your love to order, no plate, flashback version, first page, page second, the style, the style and the charge, the two level domain name, the domain name and charge level two. There are other strange links to this post links, some sites may also appear more than 10 times repeat included. So many repeat included, you say the weight of the page and… Love Shanghai not to K you… Do not tired of Shanghai dragon



I am 10 years around August, contact the phpwind program, the first play of the DZ program, then I do not know why chose PW as their own web site program. To tell the truth, the phpwind program is very good, very humane, although can feel in the procedures used by commercial breath a little bit, but for new Adsense is a good choice.

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