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love Shanghai statistics chain can only say so much, because he is not a mature thing, just a test version, I hope he can be strong, the group number chain above said exchange group is 144696068 hope to add in.


love Shanghai statistical tool chain temporarily can not query the website of others, so we can get some chain platform from the website of others, but we can, I set up a chain of data exchange group, you can interact with each other, but also the integration of industry chain resources, such relative the quality is much better.

site outside the chain will find their own data, in some statistics to the address of the page, in the love of Shanghai didn’t search data, this problem should be data update, love Shanghai outside the chain of tools, is not an immediate reflection tool, he also needs to update the database after the latest data. At the forum, there are friends ask, outside the chain of love Shanghai outside the chain of tools can not find is not no use, do not worry, this tool is still testing, a lot of data not shown is normal.

A few days ago to see the


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Zac in Shanghai in the big brother love little official outside the chain of tools will be launched after two weeks of love Shanghai launched a query tool chain, Zac’s brother Zac in the well-informed enough hearsay, said little outside the chain of tools can be found in the Shanghai love their own site outside the chain, also can find others outside the chain station, today to experience under the seemingly can’t check the chain of others.

how to use the love of Shanghai outside the chain of tools

interface is simple and easy to understand, one can see the data, but also can download data, the number of the data is the link of "let me think for a long time did not know, he should be noted that link to their website at the address of a few gross, but found the chain industry in Shanghai with love, only the statistics can click on the outside chain.

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