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1) had to do when standing, blindly follow the trend, see what web sites do their own will follow

3) website internal advertising more than content, and ignore the user experience on the website of the


the Internet every day there will be a lot of new website was born, there will also be a number of sites "die", and the reason of these sites may have a lot of "dead", but in general is that for several reasons, summed up the following today to sand slightly do some station failure reasons, you are interested in the webmaster can refer to

the above content for the original, snoreguard starting on the A5 website, webmaster trouble keeping link reprint information: 贵族宝贝jjdph贵族宝贝

4) station neither Shanghai dragon, is not willing to go to each big website forum to promote their website

2) love webmaster using something free, free use of the domain name and space station


is the current domestic Internet situation, general website wants to flow only two won yesterday, one is to bring your site traffic through the search engine, but this method requires owners; second ways is the webmaster own website promotion manual post information publicity, but this method is hard work, but also traffic if the owners can not guarantee! Neither Shanghai dragon, but is not willing to go to each big website forum to promote their website, how could there will be visitors flow? And a not what visitors traffic to the website and how can do

want to know the world does not have what is absolutely free of things, including the network that the so-called free space and free domain name are the same, if the owners want their own website development, then to sand in this advise you webmaster is best not to use the so-called free space and domain name, or to the last station not only a waste of time, but also wasted energy

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for the webmaster, do stand is the most taboo blindly follow the trend, to see what the website do, or see what website you can follow the money together, but he didn’t want to live my life in this field is familiar with, others do so successfully, then the money can be his own a better understanding of this field so, it will be so easy, but if you don’t understand this, and just in case, then the result already doomed

want to make money of course advertising, but need a little attention to whether the webmaster webmaster, in order to improve the user experience of the website, or in order to avoid being the major search engine spiders hate, we all can not be put too much advertising, otherwise the website not only keep visitors, but also may be affected by each big search engine punishment

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