for fast and accurate query processing

is currently working on the search engine based on user search habits and historical data on the understanding, judgment search intention, return more relevant results. Whether the search engine can reach the level of artificial intelligence, to understand the user’s intent and purpose, look forward to

When the In addition to the

search engine to return to the best content in the grab pages must be comprehensive. This need to solve many technical problems.

is the only user can see the search engine in the steps of using search engine search. When the user clicks on the "search", less than a minute you will see the results. The process of seemingly simple, actually designed to deal with very complicated background. In less than a second time, from tens of thousands of pages to form the most reasonable, the most relevant and authoritative arrangement of

, a search engine to crawl the page for faster and more comprehensive

Internet every day. To return the contents of the search engine is the most useful to capture the most useful page. Because of the huge data page, a minor update spider took a very long time. The mainstream search engine (such as Google, love Shanghai) has been able to update an important page in a few days. High weight website information for several hours or even a few minutes can be included, but some new haven’t the weights of the site a lot of pages for several months not to be paid attention to is normal.

two, mass data storage

to determine the intention of the user is still in the initial stage. The same words, different users may find different results. Such as: the search for "TV", the end user is to understand the TV or TV? How to search engine to the relevant page ranking to meet user needs this? Do not understand the user’s search habits, completely impossible to judge.

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four, search engines need to determine user intentions and artificial intelligence

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light is large website page to Internet on tens of thousands of, all pages of the website is a what kind of data. The search engine not only to grab the page, but also to effectively store data.

The page is updated, there are countless millions of users to create, publish information on the Internet The

page data, search engines also need to store page links direct relationship and a large number of historical data, the amount of data that the user is unable to imagine, such large-scale data storage and access. There must be a significant technical challenge.

search engine on the Internet after the birth of technology has been to fly at the speed of progress. Even if the search engine service providers, technology, manpower and financial guarantee, search engines still need to face many technical challenges. Now the quality of search results although already meet the needs of users. But this is just a start, search engines will have much more innovation, provide more accurate content.

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