, get a long tail traffic

is only the search engine retains a website called "the home of my own, the Regal isolationist" a download station is the case, including the case of light K page is still a day can bring more than 8000 IP for me. This situation generally occurs in the old station before, perhaps very beautiful, who for some reason is the royal prerogative, then search engine delete pages, but the weight of a web page is preserved, another reason for this type.

good at building the content owners, every article in the long tail keywords specific, when the inside pages included many websites and improve the overall weight, long tail traffic is very impressive, from some kind of meaning of speaking, included a page means that your site has increased at a time for the long tail keywords and flow the opportunity.

exchange Links, many webmaster especially care about each other site contains many pages, only from a web site included the number of different weight height, to determine the primary basis for link exchange, it is very extreme. Many cases were discovered in the actual observations, many high weight website (mostly old station), although the results included only 35 pages or only a home, but very good keywords ranking overbearing, this is the legend of the skinny camel is bigger than a horse. There is no doubt that the web page is a large number of search engines included is not bad, mainly reflects its value from the following aspects:

two, reflect the value chain of

I am 365 famous website long dream wind, the above is an analysis of the value of the site pages in the search engine, in fact we also encountered another case is the beginning that "lean camel is bigger than a horse", why some sites only one page, is not high quality content search the engine did not get extra points, transfer the weight of the inside pages, but it can get very violent powerful keyword ranking

web content is a process of accumulation, should be gradual increase and ensure the quality, increase and are included in the contents of high quality at the same time, the weight of the website is also a little bit of promotion. When the high quality content is search engine included, website weight ascension is inevitable.

three, high quality content to enhance the website weight


savvy veteran pays special attention to the construction of the chain, the chain construction mentioned, the most representative is Shanghai dragon WHY founder cardiff. The role of the chain in how strong? When a website has accumulated a certain weight, the chain can not be ignored, I see a lot of sites in the chain is weak, by extending in all directions within the chain will be very popular keywords to love what Shanghai home to the first. The fire stew skill can be described as green, within the chain will play to the extreme. Within the chain to reflect the effect of the quantity of accumulation, if the column page and content pages are not included in the value chain, that is the question.

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