Have the basic knowledge of

second: what quality forum, whether in the above account, whether can bring the link, I feel these are very important for the establishment of external links. Now a lot of Shanghai dragon is to rely on forum signatures and forums to reprint hungry, have these can quickly enter the working state.

in the recruitment of early we must know that we are looking for a what kind of Shanghai dragon, how can see their technical strength.

company recently in the recruitment of Shanghai dragon, this task falls on my body, I used the recruitment procedures and design, does not have what experience on recruitment of Shanghai dragon, but the dragon in Shanghai ranks also mixed 3-4 years, for this was familiar with, so do some according to their own experience in Shanghai the dragon to recruit, recruit the effect is also good for Shanghai Longfeng business level up are good, the key is the basic quality of Shanghai dragon, I summarize the write down, and share with you.

third: where are the soft release which, published, Shanghai dragon knows about A5 and home owners like this, they will not account has not issued soft, if do not know, but it can’t explain what they don’t understand.

asked this, look at their answer, a lot of Shanghai dragon before they company just completed one of them, for example, is in the forum posts, some is to write text, other do not know, but there are indeed many master, they took out a lot of cases are very decent, too a good understanding of the basic knowledge, more than I had asked questions, their answers can reach more than 70% I feel it.

fifth: usually how to optimize the site, by what way, these are the key to do the Shanghai dragon.

or more, the rest to see that their quality, I feel the most basic quality of Shanghai dragon is to sit, can repeat one job, for example, we do Shanghai Longfeng >

we are the network company, I want to find a can do business station of Shanghai Longfeng, we all know what optimization is an important enterprise station, the first is to understand Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, will write the title, can tap the customer’s words, there is a structure on the website must understand, can write soft. My first question is you know the optimization of the enterprise stand? They answer out of order, and then I asked some of the knowledge, I feel they should have such common sense.

: first some high quality blog, you know the blog set up the chain is the most direct way, good quality can be the first time included in our blog posts, establish the quality of the chain.

fourth: and what Links exchange website, the importance of Links, why do you want to change the Links, these problems can know his understanding of Links and snapshot, pr.

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