now talked about these second points, the first point in quality and excessive mass outside the chain and the mass of the chain is basically a topic. In some of the garbage mass software, some of the chain may be in some address or " virus belonging to the illegal ">;

1. Don’t overdo the mass links

the chain problem

2. Don’t

in recent days writing inspiration by all the webmaster friends encouraged, writing passion for increased. Thank you in advance for your webmaster friends to spend valuable time to read our article friend (HA HA) good to come to the point, and we discuss the problems of today is the construction of the external links, believe that the mention of the construction of the external links, many people are aware of its importance in the network promotion, a website is like a " " in the process of growth and development need to experience some of the specific steps to improve the value of their own website process to ask a few points can be simple: 1. The contents of the construction period. 2. The weight growth of 3. To improve the flow period. And the fourth point zhuanhuaqi profits. (there may be some simple analysis. The major points about this process. ) so today we talk about is second points, also is the weight growth period one point – the website construction of the external links. The many friends summed up such a sentence: content is king, the chain for the emperor. The construction of the external links is quite important for improving the website weight. So when the website construction of the external links there is no need to pay attention? This is certainly some. For their own website belongs to " " the high quality of the external links to open to the role is definitely a big. The construction of the external links note there are these points:

for the website external links mass. Many friends are all gain. Zhengzhou Fangyuan network we carefully study thinking about the problem. We believe that the external link group is absolutely can. You may see some friends here will feel how? Not to say that external links are sending? Sending spam links, serious consequences and even fall in love with the sea station K. Keywords for the construction site in the rankings have no effect. In fact, the friends think so is not right. Let’s just say so external links is mass, mainly because you see the incidence of object is that…… (interesting? Oh) Yes, we now think about those big sites, their high weight, every day and need to update many articles, they increase the number of external links every day is good. How? Do have mostly team in operation. But… Some things are not even the team is manual to do. Reasonable use of resources and a good grasp of its own accord with " " it is right. (here is just an idea, do not look for those free software. The more people are certainly spam links. Don’t drop you down who, who who?… I know!)

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