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website system perfect. Marketing type website needs to add to the optimization factors from the beginning of the construction, website background need to automatically add the title and description of the function, convenient optimization optimization, marketing type website can automatically generate static. Marketing type website is more attention to search engine crawling, product display mode to minimize the use of flash, the marketing website in the picture to add ALT tags, the website needs a stable server, so as to avoid the loss of customers in the transaction process. The title of the site description writing should pay attention to experience, do not need to appear keyword accumulation, the site of the products and service, displayed within a limited number of words, let users click on the site of interest. Marketing type website to search engines, to allow the user to generate click browse, and produce the final sales.

website development more and more quickly, more and more enterprises begin to join the network marketing, and the derivative of the marketing website. There is a certain gap between the marketing website with the general enterprise, enterprise website more is the display of corporate culture, marketing type website more is to achieve the purpose of marketing. For the marketing type website construction, should join the optimization factors in respect of early website construction. The A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ zhenduan/ of Shanghai Longfeng) for marketing website should have what marketing factors.

: first perfect online customer service. Marketing website is the ultimate aim to achieve sales, the sales process is indispensable to customer service consulting, online marketing customers may not be able to see the real product, the customer service system has become the only jiumingcao customers, all the problems they would like to get through the customer service to solve, so, want to achieve the perfect marketing website sales, improve the online customer service was very important, customer service system need not be floating complex, it will affect the user experience, if you can not find the user love customer service, can show the voting system in the website home page, let users choose their love of customer service, everyone can not do all the love, at least to meet the needs of most customers.

marketing type website the final purpose is to sell, so there must be a perfect marketing system, more is to have.

site traffic statistics tool perfect. The website through the improvement of the above two points, and can make a web site into the marketing stage, marketing website is the most important thing is to let the website flow, let website traffic conversion rate is high, then the owners may need traffic statistical tools to help webmasters to timely data analysis tools, the main source of traffic analysis website the conversion rate of flow, level, statistical tools can be seen on the website of the user viscosity, can analyze what website page sales rate is high, which pages the user experience is higher, through the analysis of the data, in order to better give web site optimization, improve site traffic.

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