To improve the quality of the website chain

website update and extension to synchronous

industry is becoming more competitive. However, this does not mean that there is no novice who can develop space. In fact, as long as we work hard to learn, I believe the future will return beyond their own expectations, is the so-called recoge. Now the most important is that all thoughts are on the one hand, to continue efforts and learning difficulties can also consult some predecessors, if coupled with practical operation, so the speed of progress should be. Most beginners believe these things are clear, so I will not say more, directly to the topic shift to the main content of this article. The following talk about the optimization effect and connected in the four elements.

is a website with rich content and the chain weight must not be included low, certainly not less. But some things are often counterproductive, there is a part of the content and the chain reaction of stationmaster why their websites are very rich, but included why love Shanghai there so few. At this point, I think before see >

layout selection


every webmaster are very focused on the site’s ranking, a ranking of the site can bring traffic and considerable income for the owners. It is well known that the flow of a website is largely from web site keywords ranking. The first condition of all this is to let love Shanghai website related keywords. First, we must choose some suitable for their own web site keywords, and then to optimize the choice of keywords, the webmaster should analyze the selected keywords, keywords analysis index, competitiveness, correlation and website. Select a keyword after we need to optimize it. In order to attract love Shanghai included, these keywords in the page not too much accumulation, such as take a part in it, if an article inside, webmaster to reflect the number of keywords accumulation, this article seriously affect the user’s sense of reading not to expect love in Shanghai to read it the spider. But the consequences not only not included but may lead to fall right.


is actually a very comprehensive work, want to make love to Shanghai on our website included the content of our website, we must through various channels, to promote a variety of platforms, while Shanghai will love spiders through our promotion messages to our website. Because of the importance of promotion, many owners will have a promotion but ignore the website update. Here to remind you that we regularly update the high quality content is not only to let users often visit our web site to improve the site sticky, more important is to let the love of spiders in Shanghai each came to the site has some new food supply to it, feed it. Slowly, the spider can improve on the site’s attention, combined with the information of website promotion, website spider came to frequency will improve, included the speed is faster.

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