Now we find

double click the garbage chain button, enter the programming mode, enter the following code

fortunately, the powerful love Shanghai webmaster tools provides to the function of the chain, we help clean up the garbage outside chain in a timely manner, but if our site outside the chain more, to a find the waste is still difficult. Fortunately, there are always lazy lazy approach, the author through trial and error, I found these spam links have a common characteristic, is the site contains some strange letters, such as


again editor menu tools "references, we refer to a Microsoft object VBscript Regular Expressions expression is 5.5

Private Sub Cm>



, Download all the chain from the webmaster tools platform, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform provides download data, we download the default format for the csv.

add a user form, drag the 1 text box named Txt_Rows, and then drag a button named Cmd_Find, which follows the

filter provided by this feature by Excel VBA, the following describes the specific methods.

The first step of

the second step, open the saved excel file, save as.Xls format, such as my chain.Xls this is the standard excel format. Insert a table, drag it to the second position, as shown below.



This is the interface

chain is a web search engine is one of the important factors to win the favor, with the chain can be strong and healthy in the search engine algorithms of continuous improvement in resist all kinds of a dangerous situation without fail. But, sometimes, we will find that between the chain site overnight surge in this chain is hard to find the time, not too cool, and so on, do not happy too early, eyes look carefully then point to open to see, rely on, is full of garbage outside the chain, the chain of garbage can not help website the search engine ranking will be "concerned", if the garbage chain reaches a certain amount of light is right down, heavy is K.


third, which is the most important step, open the excel menu "tools" macro "Visual Basic editor



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