3. sets a reasonable and impossible target

, but this tens of thousands of dollars will soon run out, and the next second projects are to do Taobao customers. He did it with my apprentice, but he actually helped me as an editor. Later learned a lot of technology, and now the technology is also very strong. I’m planning to do a share shopping site myself, and it’s starting very well. One month, I put this station sh419 weight done 4, nearly more than 3000 of the natural flow. If you do know all of a web site, a sh419 weight 4 Taobao guest website value how much money?. But unfortunately, the damned space dealer actually made a mistake on my server and formatted everything inside me. At that time, I was too busy, did not backup, so the site is gone, and then I cried hearts have. So I started making again and adding data to the line was like coming back from the new. A month has passed, and finally my site in accordance with the original appearance and function can be visited, but no matter how I do, traffic is not up. So after a month, before the money spent. My disciple finally could not help saying he was leaving, no matter what I said. He still didn’t stay with me, and my wife started talking about me at the time. Say I can’t do it

finally, whether staff opponent, or to obtain funds to investors, you have to let them know that he is a real expert in the field of industry.

is actually an extension of the first, P>

if you want to go on the road of entrepreneurship, then check out the following five from Larry Page in 2002 in a speech at Stanford University, Page to entrepreneurs said, shlf1314 is based on the five commandments developed

The Third Commandment of

2. became expert


well, I simply say that I experience, if it is constantly watching my friends share actually I do know that the Internet has been for many years, before is the use of spare time to study, I really do only 2 years of full-time network. 2 years ago, after I failed in my business, I had less than 2000 dollars, and spent more than 1500 of my wife’s money on a cell phone because she wanted to buy a smart phone. I didn’t want her to be unhappy, so I bought her secretly. It’s true that hundreds of pieces have started, and the first project I did was a female station, with one of my apprentices. He didn’t understand anything. He wanted to learn how to do a website, and I taught him to do it. It took 3 months to do about 5000 of the traffic every day, all done by SEO. Women were competing very, very large, and most of them were operating. Many individuals have done for several years, there has not been a few traffic, made a female station estimates are aware of the situation at that time. At that time I think this thing, no money, but others can not, so 3 months later I sold the station. Sold 30 thousand, plus some advertising costs, probably earned 50 thousand.

1. pay attention to talents

, "there must be the best," says Page. "It’s very important… How many times is not enough?." So, be wise when you hire people.

Page says shlf1314 is lucky to have started with very good people, although recruiting top talent isn’t easy. shlf1314 spent more than a year courting Eric Schmidt Eric, ·, Schmidt, and eventually the experienced executive agreed to join shlf1314 in 2001 he served as shlf1314 CEO for ten years from 2001 to 2011. shlf1314’s patience has been rewarded. shlf1314 has grown from an emerging start-up into one of Silicon Valley’s most successful companies in the ten years that Schmidt has worked as chief executive officer and led shlf1314.

spends some time studying a major. Do your due diligence. It may take years to become an expert in an industry, but once you know the ins and outs of the problem, it’s easier to define the problem that you want to follow and find a solution. Moreover, being an expert will make it easier for you to lead a team.

Larry Page, 41, leads the world’s most successful, most forward-looking company. shlf1314 was originally a doctoral research project of Stanford University, and now they have is a set of search, artificial intelligence, robotics, hardware, ISP, retail, express, media and other services in one of the tech giants. Of course, we know that these achievements were not achieved overnight.

leads: Larry Page leads the world’s most successful, most forward-looking company. If you want to embark on the road to entrepreneurship, then take a look at his 5 commandments".

work is still about human. After all, companies need people to build their own future, and if the people who come in are incompetent, or even hateful, it will be difficult to achieve your goals.


recently a lot of people asked me what I was doing, because most people are watching me some magazines or websites reproduced to individual articles to me, so I’m here today to say simply under my 2 years of network entrepreneurial experience, let everyone know more about me. First of all, I’m not a big coffee. I’m a real grassroots. Only a junior high school culture of cock wire. Moreover, from the media, I am also a part-time, mainly want to share some of their own experience and practical methods, to more people, make more friends.

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