Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are invariably mentioned one thing, that financing business growth slowed. Data show that in the first quarter of this year, total investment fell by 11% compared with the same period, and the number of transactions fell by 5%.

bad news: the number of financing transactions and IPO both declined, corporate valuations also declined by

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,


IPO decline. As everyone sees, companies have to wait longer before they can be listed. In the first quarter of 2016, the number of enterprise IPO hit its lowest level since 2011. Now, the average time required for financing from the initial financing to the IPO is 8 years.

‘s main proof is that even the current tech bubble is quite different from the dotcom bubble of the 2000. One important difference was that in 2000, individual investors on the stock market suffered a blow from the bursting of the dotcom bubble. If the bubble burst today, the biggest shock could be private equity investors and investment institutions. This includes the shlf1314 Venture.

shlf1314 Venture is an indicator of Silicon Valley investment institutions, they have a lot of investment in the mobile, scientific and technological fields. This time, the team analyzed the technology industry and assessed whether there was a bubble in the technology industry. But technology companies are more unique than others, and the ups and downs of a company do not explain the status of other companies. For example, Microsoft’s $26 billion 200 million acquisition of linkedln does not represent a growth in technology valuations and a bubble.

was a hot topic at the time as a result of some changes in the technology market, and it’s not as much of a concern as it used to be. In the course of the study, a great deal of evidence has been found, which fully demonstrates the dual nature of things. However, although a great deal of numerical computation has been carried out, a definitive answer has yet to be found.

The issue of


valuations slide. The valuation of the company began to decline in the late stages of the planned IPO transaction. According to data from the study, valuations for all late firms were below their peak value in the third quarter of last year

porn site has been a cancer on the internet. Although state agencies have been cracking down on pornographic websites, it is still hard to fundamentally eliminate pornographic websites. On the one hand, the background of pornographic websites generally develops outside the country. On the other hand, pornographic websites seize the "user needs", and have a certain routine in "network marketing practice". We start from the study of network marketing, it is possible to extract some useful methods and ideas for the legitimate and legitimate projects of network marketing.

"it is understood that the early establishment of general porn forum will be" free "slogan to attract" people ", with some posted" people "pornographic resources cultivating interest, ‘people’ addiction will gradually increase pornography authority, at the same time with close registration, free membership regularly clean up the active member of ID and other practices, have registered members feel that the existing members of ID become very ‘precious’, forcing members to obtain increased amount of post, improve the forum integral contribution value, this forum on the" construction "will promote the role. In the end, the membership fee is charged. "When you’re addicted, you don’t want to give money or money," the source said."

"the level of membership fees to the rich degree of visibility, depending on the content of the site, generally provide" original "video download, or web site password will be more affected by registered users, because the yellow information is no other free porn website, make it feel" very rare "level high." From "China porn sites inside money Youdao how to make" people "addiction", click browse.

it is not difficult to find, network marketing methods and ideas of porn forums there are these points:

1, content management: undeniable, shisexingye, porn forum has a richly endowed by nature advantages in content management aspect. Content management directly reflects the user needs, erotic forums better grasp the needs of a considerable number of people, and therefore has the basis for survival and development.

2, first after the limit: This is to encourage the porn Forum Network Marketing and website operation characteristics of the. In the early days of porn forum the contents of the building fully encourage user participation through user rights, honor setting, integral to encourage a variety of ways to guide users to contribute content; when the website user groups began to swell, rich in content, by closing the porn Forum or regular open membership registration, clean up the active member of ID practices, the existing a member of the group website viscosity is higher, more actively participate in the construction of content to.

3, multi member fees: website management is the ultimate goal of making money. The erotic forum has gathered a great deal of popularity and loyalty through the two processes of content management and pre encouragement and post restriction;

last March, the shlf1314 Venture engineering team analyzed market data to assess the presence of bubbles in the technology industry.

venture capital industry what happens? More than a year later, the engineering team repeated the study, evaluation from different channels of data, to answer questions about the existence of a bubble in the eternal question. The relevant evidence still does not provide an exact answer. The following is the conclusion of the study:

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