startups takes a long time. I won’t mention any specific company, but you can browse the Yclist site and Alexa, if a company in the past 1 years without any traffic growth, but it is still in operation, it can be said that this is a zombie company. Yes, even companies that focus on mobile and enterprise markets should show healthy growth in the early stages of development.

, America’s Referly, announced this week that it would adjust the company’s development path and acknowledge the failure of its previous model. The company’s founder, Danielle Morrill, wrote today that it was designed to prevent the company from "Zombie mode" and to admit that the problem was the right thing to do.

I am a junior in China World Trade Center. I have studied investment this semester. I am so inspired that I can see if Taobao can use the investment to get some commission. The answer is definitely yes. Here I only speak a person does not love me the method, other methods do not speak, do not want to share, recently met with some difficulties, the so-called do not really help you prawns, so I have to do, see concurrent perceptual theory neutral some practice that the scheme for really good keeping. Let’s begin.

just do guest at that moment, I was selling high commission on Taobao products, I am not on direct selling, promotion links, I discounted receiving customer orders directly after the original store purchasing earn commission and discount price, this really earn a few hundred dollars, but then mom said it was not clear fair competition, I also take the initiative to withdraw the goods.

a few days ago, two boxes of green weeks and weeks, it is directly in the "shells" that is run list, because the gourd checked out, indeed, this list has Commission, but in other accounts, so I call it run list. Oh, such a thing is wrong PID is a silly hat, so I clenched on the wall swear, I have links to their own system is a problem.

, as the founder of a start-up company, my biggest concern is not the failure of entrepreneurship, but the company became a zombie company. It’s like the movie "sixth sense" in which Bruce · Willis doesn’t realize he’s dead and still wants to have dinner with his wife. Some start-up companies do the same. The companies still seem to be operating, but in fact they have died.

but we can put the platform to move, of course sh419 has ah, or direct selling, the premise must be high commission, after all, ah is a new B2C platform, the credibility of the seller is generally not high, the starting point is low, most buyers for novice buyers, do not care about the credibility of the seller. So it’s not difficult to pick up a list from time to time. The key lies in your attitude and ability to respond, say what you don’t know, and describe what you can’t describe. If you can’t answer the list, I’ll start with the two one.

yes is captured goods will mail notification, in fact here is still a risk, that is a drop of single issue, you give people the purchase discount, if not single out, light is the loss of money, but also waste a lot of time.


in fact, I’m not very positive about these lists, because the more the list, the more expensive, and in case of loss, there is nothing. So I see the Commission is less time to go up to deal with a few list, after all, still students, meals to save money.



of course, the use of investment to do Taobao customers to make money, efficient way indeed many, the only problem is no funds, and there are some investment methods to increase efforts, conversion rate will decline, I now >!

is the first thought, there are many types of investment, investment is my order minimum investment risk is that you received user orders after the investment, for the popular saying is just purchasing orders to get on the internet. That’s the way of thinking. Here’s my way of doing things.

Referly founder Danielle Morrill

last summer, when the seed financing market was so hot, we worked very hard on financing before the Demo Day. At that time, I seriously considered the A round of financing or seed financing. In order to understand the situation, I talked with several investors at that time and wanted to know what they would like to see us do if we want to get more investment. I will never forget an answer I received at the time, as follows:

The death of

last summer, business incubator Y Combinator incubated companies, each received a $150 thousand investment. With this money, many people can continue to develop the company, or many times to adjust the direction of development. 6 months after the Demo Day, I didn’t think any of the companies had officially died. Well, let me say, Referly is dead. This does not mean that the site does not exist, or that all employees have other jobs. The present situation is that our initial idea has proved to be wrong, so we killed Referly. I also openly admit that we must change direction.

"for the early days of the company from the Y Combinator or other incubators, the biggest problem we see is that when they come out from the incubator and complete seed financing 1 to 2 years, saw their survival and the pursuit of the goal is very good, but then we will ask for the growth of the team, and they seize the opportunity.