pea pods, founded in December 2009, experienced a golden age of mobile application distribution in the first few years of its evolution.

was in danger but unaware of

, culture allows the company to have a unified mind and form of expression. When many companies are short, a few words, a twist, a conversation with colleagues, the project will be made, the more people argue, the more. When people have a culture of unity, they save a lot of arguing time. Alibaba will do things will say, "I am not honest, have done customers first", we will each quarter according to this to score. Therefore, the most effective thing is that there is a culture, everyone’s thinking in these cultural guidelines, the efficiency will be higher, many topics also need not argue.

and rumors about the acquisition of pea pods have long since appeared. As early as 2014, Ali to the pea pods olive branch, then the pea pods just completed B round of financing, public data shows its valuation at around $1 billion, while Ali is the price is $1 billion 500 million, for the time is 2015 2> price;

capital has also been particularly favored pea pods. So far, the pea pod has been completed three rounds of financing: January 2010 Innovation workshop angel investment; 2012 DCM lead investor, innovation factory with cast the A round of financing, financing amounted to $80 million; in 2014 the completion of a total of $120 million B round of financing, lead investor institutions Softbank, DCM and innovation works with the cast, then and to obtain additional investment of Goldman Sachs undisclosed.

so some analysts pointed out that, after the acquisition of pea pods were Ali, you can enhance Ali’s ability to distribute content in the mobile terminal to some extent. In sh419 mobile assistant, Tencent application treasure and 360 mobile assistant contest for distribution market war, Ali can improve their competitiveness in the BAT inside.

data show that as of the end of July 2013, pea pods subscribers exceeded two hundred million, is not repeated more than 650 thousand applications, application of daily distribution amount over 35 million, has become the highest quality China largest application store.

, President of Alibaba mobile business group Yu Yongfu micro-blog said that the pea pods to join Ali move, the future value of both sides in big data and content of two-way mutual benefit.

pea pod is not Ali’s acquisition of the first distribution business applications. As early as 2013, Ali acquired the PP assistant, but after 3 years of integration of internal resources, PP assistant now in the domestic market share is still not satisfactory.

when we first arrived at the Alibaba, we called Alibaba a "super big bastard". You would see rows of seats at one glance. Ma Yun in the construction of the Pioneering Park in Binjiang, the space is very clear, and everywhere are people. In this case, this design will make everyone very open, very suitable for communication, basically, the more modern companies will go to this direction. In the age of software companies and traditional times, everyone has a cubicle, and the older, bigger companies, the bigger the partition. This is also a form of culture. In Ping An Group, Ping An Innovative executives moved to move to another floor, which is the appearance of some features.

Li Zhiguo: Thank you for the invitation. I arrived in Hangzhou in 1999 and joined the Alibaba.

pea pod co-founder Wang Junyu said, pea pod applications currently in the distribution business profitable, compared with other similar products, pea pods to help users to find applications and games of high quality as the goal.

earlier news, Ali’s acquisition of pea pod price is $200 million. Although the figure is not confirmed, but compared with 2014 Ali’s opening price of $1 billion 500 million acquisition, pea pods have missed the best time to sell.

today pea pods announced that its distribution business will be incorporated into Alibaba mobile business group, the two sides have formally signed a merger agreement. At present, the two sides did not disclose the specific amount of mergers and acquisitions.

below is a speech record:


two, culture has centripetal force and cohesive force to the enterprise. Why do some enterprises or to many years of development, or in accordance with the inertia to development for so many years? Sometimes, tens of thousands of people formed a unified, they have the same pace, so many times, and even business setbacks, go downhill when >

some time ago to listen to Gao Xiaosong speak about the culture of India, to buy things in a bazaar, when the music came, all business people do not do business, and began to worship, this is a very shocking thing, tens of thousands of people together to do things. Religious culture is the most powerful, so we can do business can have a similar culture, when more people, this culture will become more powerful.

has repeatedly reported the acquisition of pea pods, and finally confirmed into Ali move.

, while talking about how to build corporate culture, Li Zhiguo said that more than 95% of enterprises to write values, culture is a mere formality, we must practice, from the beginning of entrepreneurship began to do a good job corporate culture.

in December 19th, China alumni innovation salon in Hangzhou, capital of amoeba founder Li Zhiguo made a keynote speech for the entrepreneurs to share the value of corporate culture, corporate culture and how to do. In his view, corporate culture can make the company produce a unified thinking, can promote the company’s centripetal force and cohesion, and even affect sales performance.

amoeba capital founder Li Zhiguo

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