recently encountered a problem that I never thought of as a problem, a choice between third party registration and local registration. Don’t take it as a problem is before, because as a normal user, third party login / registration is simple and convenient, there are some rogue application of "rape" me a micro-blog or violent information. please point more power and information, but the worries see OAuth at convenient will endure. But this is a problem, is the application in the design of a large, Boss said to get rid of local registration, leaving only third side of the mouth, suddenly suddenly stupid, this is not the key to the door to someone else, this is my own home! So think carefully about the……

incident originated in a sentence. "In January 6th, sponsored by the Chinese gull network in 2017 second CEO New Year Summit, Beijing Investment founder Luo Mingxiong as" Beijing "the theme of investment ten investment, the naked said," female CEO generally do not vote, caused great controversy.

fourth: after the third party registration, the user manually complete a ID, but also can not repeat personal least favorite way, feeling like cheated into registration, than direct registration even more troublesome

in a WeChat group, women CEO are furious,

this article originates from the fresh hot Internet female player Nothing one, the author through to the third party registration and the local registration choice question has carried on the analysis, has shared to everybody.

January 7th, Beijing Investment by the public number in response to the controversial title, saying "we are not direct investment in general female CEO, you bite me?" however, Luo Mingxiong said in a speech that "female CEO generally do not vote, WeChat has become a response: no investment general female CEO, playing the word games. Suddenly, Luo Mingxiong was friends broadside, dubbed the "straight cancer".



core tips about the third party registration and local registration how to choose? Only retain third party registration method in the end good?

after his controversial remarks, Luo Mingxiong and his Beijing investment was "skinner".

2015, carat coffee in Shenzhen’s most core section of Shenzhen Futian CBD excellence IN TOWN opened, known as the first domestic Internet focused Internet cafe, once raised because of public concern. However, as the industry’s most expensive domestic rental coffee

you say "I don’t take a female CEO", I said "I don’t get straight cancer patient money

third party landing convenient for the user’s daily network life, in an inseparable from the network of the times, every day facing different landing interface, can have a simple landing method is very important. Third party landing convenient and fast, and many data information can be common, and can own in a App dynamic information synchronization to each SNS platform. As a result, some users who are lazy may develop a "one"


third: after third party registration, the system defaults to the user a ID, which may be visible or invisible to

second: this may be used by very few App because the user’s behavior ID cannot be tracked without leaving the user’s local

combed North Beijing past investment cases, in addition to some P2P and raise platforms, is more familiar with the coffee is carat.

first: the most traditional way of registration, high registration threshold, easy to log on the page of the user

as far as I know, now ordinary registration in 4 cases, we are currently using third kinds, the following are the advantages and disadvantages of each.

in addition, Luo Mingxiong also said that if a man CEO enterprise, several deputy general are all female, said he would not vote, because the entrepreneurs did not mind, not to recruit the same excellent, ambitious men, vice president, so the company bigger and the probability is very low, is not suitable for investment.

Luo Mingxiong thinks he has plenty of reasons. He said that the women’s physiological and psychological and family care and family reasons, in the business of this matter is much more than men suffer, at the same time, the strategy pattern and mentality are some differences between men, women are more suitable for lieutenant; if do leaders, their subordinates also is not easy, so women generally do not vote for CEO.

to say is, as long as it is through the third party login, on behalf of the user with someone else’s key into my house, once the key was taken away, the user will be gone. Let’s talk about this from three perspectives: the user, the local App and the third party.


who is Luo Mingxiong,

according to Beijing investment side said, in 2015 and 2016, respectively, invested 18 Internet financial companies, a total of 36. Rather embarrassing, in the Beijing Beijing official website, the show’s six investment cases, CEO is female.

user’s perspective




data show that Beijing North Investment Department is an early focus of equity investment institutions in the field of Internet banking. In early 2015, Beijing North Investment to complete the first phase of the fund, invested more than 20 outstanding Internet financial enterprises; in 2016, the two phase of the fund is expected to complete 40-50 Internet financial investment.

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