nowadays, more and more local portals and industry vertical stations are springing up like mushrooms. No matter where the region is, the population is small and always finds a corresponding portal site. But most of the time, personal or enterprise or to do to profit, a non-profit website not only has no future and there will not be a very long time, is often the beginning of lively, lonely middle, tragic ending. The establishment of the station site has invested a lot of manpower and material resources but in vain. Therefore, the profit model of local portals has become the focus of attention. Today, I will explain how to maximize the development of website resources and get the biggest profit points.

first: for any website, whether it’s a local portal or a business website, you should establish your target population first. This is something that should be considered at the very beginning of building a website. A lot of friends might say this is what I want? Of course is a white-collar, between 20 to 40 years the main force? But you know, now we have the goal of making in this range, so the competition will be very fierce, if inventive will have better effect such as Shanghai’s old? Small web sites targeted for the elderly do not have the same net earned pours? So early in the construction site should choose their own target population, especially for the local portal site for their local area distribution of population age distribution, educational level, hobbies are to be considered. Therefore, only in determining their own unique target population, in order to focus on the deployment of their own profit point.

second: reasonable arrangements for setting up the website column. If a website is a person’s face, then the column is the human facial features. How the facial features match determines the facial features of a person. Similarly, how to set up a website is also related to the fate of a website, especially a local portal. Local portals depend on the popular tastes of the local people. For example, in the northeast, "song and dance duet" is hot, then the website can set up special "song and dance duet" to appreciate the community, if the website is aimed at the young 90, then can put more HIPPOP video. Because only the local network name login more times, then your site will have corresponding specific commercial value. The local people search the Internet most according to Suzhou decorative building materials network statistics are used down information and local state organs of various service industries call information, business promotion information, and real estate related information, of course is one of the most popular marriage friends. So when the set of site column to fully grasp the local hot spots, the hot spot information set on your site home for the first time to seize the user base of the eye, ready for the next training fixed users group.

third: be sure to establish your website’s profit direction in advance. There are many webmaster always like to take a step, see step. No long-term planning, they always feel that the first to get the site traffic, and then traffic up, natural profit point came. Although >

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