I opened a specifically female beautiful fashion website in February 09: Pi Pi network (www.taoearth.com, QQ:1102681993, contact) began to do the Ali Mama Taobao customer projects, mainly to take advantage of work free time to make a small extra money, but more than a month after a transaction are not, so at present the the layout has changed to focus on content, and do some advertising "domestic subsidies". The following analysis of the customer’s psychology of Taobao customers:

1, many people began shopping online, and the trend of online shopping is bound to be the theme of the new century, and with the surge in the number of Chinese Internet users, this big piece of Internet cake must be profitable. But now society because more and more tricks, Taobao customer now just want to earn a little money in the small owners know, but really want to buy something customers who do not know, so I prefer to go to the big portals (such as Taobao, eBay), and do not want to enter your site through the connection (because now to buy website scam too much, such as fake bank website).

2, Taobao know many people buy things when the customer may purchase through their own website, because the commission can be returned to their benefit, but you feel shy and abacus is wrong, unless you use the two mom account, the same account access code then buy if Ali mother would think of themselves not to buy their own commission.

3, more and more people to do Taobao and other customers, such as QQ ah what are going to open the same with Ali mother project site is filled with this kind of information, to put it mildly how much to give a person a kind of "aesthetic fatigue," said bluntly, this information has been spread like a virus.


really want to do website or from the content and design work, more carefully, slowly find a reliable way to make money, one step at a time, so that the site can really earn extra money.

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