in 2014, happened to turn the world upside down changes Chinese domestic e-commerce site pattern, the United States listed, listed Jingdong, Jingdong, Tencent shares a rich handsome in the Nasdaq stock market, WeChat was born into a comprehensive e-commerce platform… It is blustery…

industry development trend to small and medium-sized electricity supplier entrepreneurs is a wake-up call, the giants have monopoly industries get in by every opening, our grass root entrepreneurs of spring? Here, some experience of the writer just half a year to operate independent mall to share with you how I through self vertical small business platform monthly income one hundred thousand the.


two months ago, I wrote an article about WeChat’s monthly marketing revenue of twenty thousand, but also through the proprietary website of the enclosure movement, a few months has been remarkable results. From the turnover to the popularity of the website has been significantly improved, but there are a lot of friends will have on the overall operation of the project in question and answer in the exchange, in which the author according to their own experience and to share with you, I is how to operate small vertical business platform.

1: identify the industry, say dry

‘s idea of finding an industry is not a simple word. The three hundred and sixty line, the line is successful, so when we choose the project, remember not to follow the trend. See what kind of product online fire, and quickly follow the trend of influx, often such projects are not long. In addition to some very experienced master can quickly earn quick money, we can only do the novice at the bottom of the fodder.

recommends that you find out from your resources and see which products are suitable for e-commerce on the internet. And to find ways to deal with people who have resources to cooperate with him, as long as the sincerity to come, no one will refuse to make money opportunities. At present, the main bottleneck of small e-commerce project is: supply, platform, flow, customer service, after-sales, logistics and so on. The supply of natural needless to say, is the first step to do the electricity supplier platform, that is to choose settled business platform big or self independent website. Because the author is good at SEO, and Taobao rules are not familiar with, so choose a self built independent website operations.

two: grasp the key, ruthlessly execute

when you look for the right project, the only factor that determines your success is execution. Have seen too many webmaster, poor execution, very poor, many of the promising projects are because they did not go down, resulting in premature death. Electricity supplier industry, the current shortage is the most traffic, whether low-cost, rapid access to traffic, access to target customers, is the most important part of the project success. As everyone knows, there are many reasons determine the site conversion rate, even the picture is fine, whether the description of detail can directly affect the user’s conversion, but without flow, even if the site do not have nice to see! What about the conversion, so webmaster want to seize the key.

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