can be said that now the Internet has become the fourth media, to undertake various small and medium-sized enterprises to do the task of network marketing advertising, so the small and medium-sized enterprises began to focus on investment and attention to network marketing efforts, but this trend did not make the small and medium-sized enterprises through network marketing of the real appearance, still for the network marketing are all kinds of misunderstanding.

everyone seems to think network marketing advertising forms, multimedia features, without time geographical restrictions, can achieve real-time interactive advantage, so network marketing advertising breaks through the limitations of traditional advertising, but not too optimistic that these data, because after all, network marketing advertising and traditional media does not seize the market share. You know, after all the traditional media in the coverage, authority and other advantages are still very prominent.

Because the

network marketing advertising accounts for the small and medium-sized enterprise main investment proportion is too small, probably only accounted for less than 10%, because we can think, compared to 80 million Internet users and 1 billion 400 million of the population China, is still a very small number.

is a misunderstanding, do not think that alone do network marketing will get good results, do not see a lot of big businesses in the Internet advertising is like a raging fire, all profit from network marketing, in fact, we are not difficult to find in each plane media and even the magazine will see these large manufacturers of advertising ah, so don’t separate with the network marketing Oh,

so in the sense of good place, don’t let yourself the wrong consciousness, to guide their way Oh, must change their misunderstanding, think to see the network marketing, network marketing to learn very well, the use of network marketing.

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