Under the influence of the global economic crisis in the last 08 years, China’s economy has also been seriously impacted by the

. 09 years, the global economic slowdown, but still not get rid of the impact of the long economic crisis. But the global economy is recovering, with a forecast that the global economy will grow rapidly in 2010 and that the domestic economy will return to a faster pace of growth. The resumption of the development plan will bring about a significant reduction in downsizing. Accordingly, the traditional industries have begun to recruit a large number of talents, and the demand for talents will be an important indicator of economic recovery.

The boom of talent recruitment market in

network is closely related to the development of traditional industry economy. The economic situation affects recruitment network operating efficiency, the economic situation is good, the demand for talent, enterprise recruitment job recruitment activities frequently, network traffic will increase, the poor economic situation, talent demand is small, enterprise recruitment job activities are few, talent recruitment website traffic will be reduced and naturally, the market share will increase or decrease due to how much traffic. At present, the economic situation is getting better, the network recruitment page will be ready to pick up. The data is the best proof of October, iResearch released "the second quarter of 2009 China network recruitment market monitoring report" research shows that the second quarter of 2009, the online recruitment market revenue size of 275 million yuan, up 9.6%. And 6 million 110 thousand – this is the total number of graduates nationwide in 2009 – 24 million – the total number of unemployed people in our country…… Facing the difficult employment situation, the government has introduced a number of "expanding domestic demand, promoting employment" policy, the Ministry of education spokesman Mei said, the Ministry of education will support and carry out network recruitment activities in various forms, in order to strengthen the employment guidance services for graduates.

today, the Internet is in a special period of national regulation illegal pornographic information, because some policy reasons, the Internet all kinds of websites are more or less affected. However, the recruitment industry will follow the traditional economy as a whole recovery, but in the Internet "winter" ignited the heat. But the industry will pick up quickly, in theory. But after all, the competition within the industry is fierce. Before the big price war, the service failed to go up, which caused serious internal injury to many small and medium-sized recruitment websites. It’s not that easy to get out of the box or raise interest rates.

according to the traditional online recruitment giant Zhaopin parent company released earnings during the period from July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009, Zhaopin losses of about 150 million yuan, consecutive years of losses also makes Zhaopin internal turmoil, high constant turnover. While the other two defendants and chinahr.com is also a joy a worry, chinahr.com also always get out of the quagmire of losses, and worry free future business is also affected by the economic crisis, but by virtue of their own strength and the accumulation of capital, the good gross margin and net profit are both picked up. On the whole, the online recruitment industry seems to be in a quagmire of losses

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