ancient word, got a hard to find. I think it will be rare, in the hard to find, after all we do not military units, violators, cut down Military orders are like a mountain., after all; I’m not the boss, not say you do not leave. How about that? I love to inform, pledge, strengthen management thought.

in peacetime recruitment, I will certainly tell us in here is not easy, and sometimes very hard, work discipline, such as the listener face pale, I must not recruit this person. If can satisfy this request, explanation can work earnestly, bear hardships and stand hard work. There is a saying that "people are not afraid of stupid, and afraid of not frequently", that is the reason. I also requested that the work must be proactive, responsible, draw inferences from other sources. If can meet this requirement, work efficiency is good, can take charge as chief of. I need to inform, loyalty, who eat rice for who work, not do, work is done.

in daily work, we need to work regardless of division of labor, some colleagues with other colleagues, not just in front of the snow bound. After I have arranged my work, I usually talk less about specific tasks. I talk more about goals, working methods, ways of thinking and mentality. A new colleague, I usually let him involve all the work can be done, and then according to his circumstances and job requirements, and then assign his work.

many people will do, but must have all the details to tell him that he can do that in our previous here, too, but my request is when the trial period can be positive after means understanding to meet the company requirements, so must be able to independently. So, I will talk to the production site colleagues about doing a kind of website, what columns necessary, as long as the company and my idea, all the other by him to decide what to do, but he must have the ability to do this. So, at least two people’s minds are doing something.

do network promotion, general to apply for this post will say, is BBS post, mass Email, build blog, etc.. OK, yes, there is a basic understanding of network promotion. However, if a certain period of time, if not in accordance with the requirements to do so, or a promotion, it would die, then listen to a request, two shows that you don’t mind to do the work better. Do network promotion must not be promoted because of the promotion, marketing must be the final goal, the flow into the amount of consultation.

to write soft, hard, simple is very simple, it is the soft grade quality of points, take a sexual life as an example. The article is a description of sexual life, can play a role to attract traffic. Upgrade, if the article has a certain hospital, some experts suggest sexual life, what matters, so that the reader inadvertently know such a hospital. Again, if the article says, "if you feel the air in your sexual life, you don’t feel tight enough, you can do vaginal tightening, so you can translate an article that attracts traffic."

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