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from 2005 began to learn to do, because my major and almost do stand to be different, I majored in Tibetan language. At that time, I only know to do some self-help websites, I think I can do the website, and show off to my classmates and friends every day.

met an alumnus in an Internet cafe one day, and I started showing off my website again. He showed me the station where I applied for it. He smiled and said, "you’re also called the website? Let me show you my website."! I looked dumbfounded, his website is particularly good. I asked him how your website was made. He said it was made with ASP source code, and I asked what the ASP source code was, and he helped me find some ASP source code on the Internet and taught me how to do it.

for the next six months, I hardly ever went to school at the Internet cafe. Apply for some free space, learn to do web site. Later, I bought a very cheap space and domain name, the first Tibetan entertainment network station "I" (Music Station), because the space is small to do music station, find some registered music cover network application, the attributes of each music into their own website to attribute upload music to pop network, then the address link up. The music station is ready, but no one is browsing. At that time, I do not know how to promote, and to find that teach me to do standing young man, he said you apply for several QQ group to join, with QQ group promotion. I did it his way, and the effect was especially good. Maybe it was because there were no Tibetan music websites at the time.

             ;   my site has been a lot of attention, do less than two stations on Sunday, IP. But then the trouble will follow, one day I get to the Internet a stranger to my website address, FTP username and password, including website username and password sent to me, I felt very strange, how did he know my username and password? But I can not ignore, after two days I found there are some strange things on your own website, I thought it was taking out of the ghost, I will contact the space business, space business website hackers said to the black! "Black." I don’t know what that means, but I know my website is gone. With the help of the space provider, the website has been reopened, but I haven’t been able to save the data. The data is not preserved means from the first one to add here my heart completely cold simply did not have the heart to do a website, I thought over a period of time and I thought back to do station has a mind to do, after the station did not go up.

I did not remember the website

to flash now, on the Internet to find a lot of procedures, finally decided to do the movie site, I stand up to do with the Marx program, just because I don’t have a website, Marx program like me is not very professional webmaster is very good, easy to use, difficult site it is in the promotion, I use.

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